Will Shilpa Pokharel marry Chhabi Raj Ojha? Saptahik Cover girl, Brindaban actress

This week, on Friday, the movie of Shilpa Pokhrel, ‘Brandaban’ was released in theater. The lead actress Shilpa is featured in an action role in the movie.

After debuting in ‘Lazza’, the actress is linked with the producer of the movie, Chhabi Raj Ojha. There are rumours that they are planning to get married soon.
Video report:

Before starting acting, Shilpa was a well known model in music videos. Shilpa was also featured in TV commercials and print advertisements. At first, Shilpa Pokhrel debuted in TV serial ‘Gharbeti Ba’ in Kantipur Television.

Shilpa’s first music video was for “Timi Kasko Hune..” by Anju Pant and Sworup Raj Acharya. The video was liked by the viewers and she established herself as a credible model.

A video shot for the cover photo of Saptahik weekly:

shilpa pokharel saptahik cover shot

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