Top 5 interesting summer fashion trends

Confused on what to shop this summer ? What to wear this summer? What are others wearing ? Do you need some body to help in making up your mind ? 

Don’t worry, here I am to help you with your summer shopping!

1. Color – Pantone, the world’s leading authority on color, has selected the color of the the year 2014 – radiant orchid. Fashion experts see youthful and happiness I the color. In addition to radiant orchid other pastel colors, bubblegum pink, coral, orange, teal, and fuchsia are the top choices of this season.

Radiant-Orchid-color of year

2. cropped tops – Yes, cropped tops are huge trend this summer. That is, you need to head to the gym to tune-up your belly. A ring or two on your belly button might also look hot if you are into piercing. You don’t need to shed huge lot of sweat to trim you belly, a few sit ups and crunches might be enough for most of the young ones out there.

copped tops

3. Comfy flats – It’s time for comfy flats. If you loathe the high heels, it’s time to rejoice. Sneakers and kitten heels are the trend of this season.

comfy flats

4. Full Skirt – Midi skirts, clinched tight in the waist are the trend of the current time. Pairing full skirt with crop top and you are on the top of the fashion circle.

full skirt tgif

5. Sporty attire – Another huge fashion trend of the time is sporty look. A combination of running shoes, silk bombers, leather joggers, tennis T-s, baseball caps and anything with silk panels. In your sporty looks make sure to accessorize so that people don’t think you are headed towards the gym.


Author – Anita N

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