Tirsana Budhathoki unique protest against India, body painting

Nepali model Tirsana Budhathoki has painted her body to protest against Indian blockade. Tirsana did artistic paint on her body with Nepali flag and the details of the problem faced by nepali people because of Indian blockade at the border.

The model Tirsana is known for creating controversies out of the things we do. She posed as Goddess Durga during Dashain and as Goddess Laxmi in Tihar. In the past, she had also posed as a cricket player in skimpy clothes during the time the Nepali cricket team was winning international games.

Video report:

Details of the things painted on Tirsana’s body:

  • On her back, Tirsana has written #BackOffIndia and ‘Greater Nepal’ on her back.
  • She has painted firewood on her lower portion of her leg. The burning firewood is what cooks the food in most of the Nepali kitchen these days because of the lack of cooking gas.
  • On her thigh, Tirsana has painted bottles of petrol and medicine, things not available easily in Nepal.
  • She has painted the border – Nepal – India border on her belly. Below her belly she has painted a lock – indicating the blockade at the border.
  • On her chest, she has painted the Nepali flag with the sun and the moon at the prominent position.
  • On her arms she has painted the barbed wire.

In her Twitter Tirsana writes:

My head is a mountain,
My chest is the Nepalese flag.
My arm is Nepal,
I am the daughter of Nepal. 🙂

Here are some of the photos:

tirsana budhathoki backoffindia paint

tirasan budhathoki backoff india photo

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