Tirsana Budhathoki to go to police ?

The model trying to get attention of media and public by posting hot photos in Facebook had gone through hurdles. Tirshna’s accounts were closed by Facebook over racy photo for more than once and she is still trying to create controversy by opening the third account. When nudity didn’t help her, she decided to talk about one photo she didn’t upload.

The following screenshot is supposedly the third Facebook account of Trishna sharing a news about her photos in Facebook. We suspect, by the way she is sharing indecent photos, she will be banned again.

In a statement, Tirsana told that the photo showing her in a red bra wasn’t uploaded by her and she want to go to police over it. While she uploaded photos without wearing any, it is easy to understand that she just want to create controversy over such a simple issue. The photo in question (attached) doesn’t look like taken forcefully or secretly.


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