Tirsana Budhathoki goes gym, questions hypocrisy

Model Tirsana Budhathoki had been using controversy to get popular. She has used controversial statements and photos. She had some fans in the beginning and she took the cue of her fans – to show off her body and being a tease. But, these days, things have changed. There are a lot of other models who are competing with Tirsana in that avenue. That might be the reason Tirsana tried to become normal by posing as a goddess during Dashain and Tihar festival. Those pictures however weren’t as popular as her tease-shots. (video report is not available anymore)

Now, Tirsana has returned back to her old self. She has started modeling in skimpy clothes and tease shots. In a Facebook post, Tirsana has accused some media of publishing fake interviews. She has threatened to take legal action against them.

tirsana budhathoki question

In another post she has said, “I haven’t posed without clothes. I have done photo-shots wearing short clothes or posed in bikini and this is nothing new in modeling.” She has complained about the hypocrisy of the people when it comes to models. She adds, “They think the sky has fallen when a model wears short dress.”

Tirsana Budhathoki goes to Gym

These days, Tirsana has gained a lot of weight. Being a model to show off her body rather than products, gaining weight is the worst thing one can do. That might be the reason, she has started going to gym.

tirsana budhathoki running in gym

tirsana goes to gym

tirsana poses in red skirt

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