Tirsana Budhathoki complains against fake news to the police

Accusing the online media of publishing fake interviews actress and model Tirsana Budhathoki has gone to the police. In a report lodged against some media, Tirsana has accused them writing vulgar things about her.

Video report:

Tirsana has shared a photo of a letter to the Crime Prevention division of the Nepal Police, Kathmandu titled “To find and arrest the person.” She has accused online sites like Khabar Time and Dainik Nepal publishing news and interviews adding vulgar words in them without her knowledge.

As Tirsana has numerous fake accounts in Facebook and there is no easy way to identify the real Facebook account of her. There is no way we could confirm the letter being authentic as Tirshna’s Facebook account is not verified and she is known to have used various Facebook accounts in the past. Some of her accounts were also banned when she shared vulgar photos.

tirsana budhathoki complaints

Tirsana has also shared the links and the titles of the reports published

tirsana budhathoki claim 1tirsana budhathoki complaint 2

Who published the interview?

All the links Tirsana shared are copy-paste website. They had copied the interview published in media96 on October 23, 2014. The website has already closed. I was able to find the archive of the website in WayBackMachine.

media96 interview tirsana budhathoki

I remember she was quite active in social media at that time (but, I couldn’t find any reference.) The question remained unanswered – why did she wait this long to lodge the complaint?

tirsana budhathoki

Video – Tirsana questions “Why do people talk about her photos so much?”: (more here)

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