4 hottest models and actress of 2072

Happy New year to all Badmasi.com readers. On the occasion of the new year, let’s look at the actresses and models who preferred to take off their clothes for popularity. The top actress/model in the list is Archana Paneru. The next top is Tirsana Budhathoki with Jyoti Magar and Suvekshya Thapa following them.

A video report on the four models/actresses and what they did last year:

Archana Paneru was arrested for more than once last year. She was accused of promoting vulgarity and the last time she was arrested for shooting a movie without obtaining the permit.

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Tirsana Budhathoki unique protest against India, body painting

Nepali model Tirsana Budhathoki has painted her body to protest against Indian blockade. Tirsana did artistic paint on her body with Nepali flag and the details of the problem faced by nepali people because of Indian blockade at the border.

The model Tirsana is known for creating controversies out of the things we do. She posed as Goddess Durga during Dashain and as Goddess Laxmi in Tihar. In the past, she had also posed as a cricket player in skimpy clothes during the time the Nepali cricket team was winning international games.

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Tirsana Budhathoki complains against fake news to the police

Accusing the online media of publishing fake interviews actress and model Tirsana Budhathoki has gone to the police. In a report lodged against some media, Tirsana has accused them writing vulgar things about her.

Video report:

Tirsana has shared a photo of a letter to the Crime Prevention division of the Nepal Police, Kathmandu titled “To find and arrest the person.” She has accused online sites like Khabar Time and Dainik Nepal publishing news and interviews adding vulgar words in them without her knowledge.

As Tirsana has numerous fake accounts in Facebook and there is no easy way to identify the real Facebook account of her. There is no way we could confirm the letter being authentic as Tirshna’s Facebook account is not verified and she is known to have used various Facebook accounts in the past. Some of her accounts were also banned when she shared vulgar photos.

tirsana budhathoki complaints

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Tirsana Budhathoki goes gym, questions hypocrisy

Model Tirsana Budhathoki had been using controversy to get popular. She has used controversial statements and photos. She had some fans in the beginning and she took the cue of her fans – to show off her body and being a tease. But, these days, things have changed. There are a lot of other models who are competing with Tirsana in that avenue. That might be the reason Tirsana tried to become normal by posing as a goddess during Dashain and Tihar festival. Those pictures however weren’t as popular as her tease-shots. (video report is not available anymore)

Now, Tirsana has returned back to her old self. She has started modeling in skimpy clothes and tease shots. In a Facebook post, Tirsana has accused some media of publishing fake interviews. She has threatened to take legal action against them.

tirsana budhathoki question

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Tirshna Budhathoki says Archana Paneru is a child

In Dashain model Tirshna Budhathoki had done a photo session as Goddess Durga. In Tihar, she has become Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. There have been rumors that Tirsana Budhathoki might have felt the heat of competitions created by other models like Archana Paneru and Kajal Khanal. Archana and Kajal have readily taken off their clothes recently.

When asked about the similarity between Archana Paneru and Tirsana, she says, “Archana Paneru and Tirsana Budhathoki are two very different models.”

Archana added,” Archana Paneru is a child. She is doing what her mother has told her to do. In contrast, Tirsana has only done photo-shots. She has done good music videos.”

A video report:

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Dashain modeling, Durga avatar of Tirsana Budhathoki

Happy Vijaya Dashami to all the visitors of Badmasi.com.

Hot model Tirsana Budhathoki has done modeling as Goddess Durga for this Dashain. In the photo session Tirshna is featured as Goddesses Durga, Kali and other forms of the goddess. The photos seem more like photo-shop work than an actual costume photo session.

Talking to a newspaper, Tirsana told that she is more than a hot model. She says, “I have talent and I can do all types of modeling.” She says that the Goddess photo session is a proof that in addition to being a hot model she can also do the modeling for serious issues.

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Tirsana Budhathoki plays follow unfollow game in Twitter

Hot model Tirsana Budhathoki is now in Twitter. In a short time of being in Twitter, Tirsana has gained more than 3,300 followers. She has also tweted more than 2,000 tweets. But, the following count is just one.

tirsana budhathoki in Twitter

Tirsana gained all those followers by following them, get the follow-back and un-follow them after a while. Many followers have complained the way she is treating her followers. Here is a sample:

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Tirsana Budhathoki to go to police ?

The model trying to get attention of media and public by posting hot photos in Facebook had gone through hurdles. Tirshna’s accounts were closed by Facebook over racy photo for more than once and she is still trying to create controversy by opening the third account. When nudity didn’t help her, she decided to talk about one photo she didn’t upload.

The following screenshot is supposedly the third Facebook account of Trishna sharing a news about her photos in Facebook. We suspect, by the way she is sharing indecent photos, she will be banned again.

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