Tattoo beauty actresses in Nepali film industry

Tattoo culture is slowly entering the Nepali film industry. A well located tattoo enhances the beauty of the actress. Although having tattoo is not new, but the popularity is new in young girls and boys. The following video discusses the tattoo of Nepali actresses:

Actress Priyanka Karki and actress Karishma Manandhar had tattoos 5-6 years ago. Karishma’s tattoo on top of her left breast made headlines. Priyank’s beautiful figure is on the right side of her back. Priyanka also has a tattoo on her right foot.

priyanka karki tattoo

Actress and model Poojana Pradhan‘s tattoo is a simple name. She is planning to have more tattoos in future. We wonder what the tattoo will be and where they might be located. Being a model who want to showoff her skin, she might also make a tattoo like that of Karishma and Sushma Karki.

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Did Aliza Gautam tattooed ‘Rishi’ on her back?

The model wife of Rishi Dhamala, Aliza Gautam has shared a photo of her her upper back with a word ‘Rishi’ written in blue ink. The written seems to be written before it is tattooed. She hasn’t shared a finished tattoo so, one can’t be sure if she has already tattooed a permanent one or not.

aliza goutam - rishi tatoo ...

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