Suzana Dhakal wants to act in movies

Model Suzana Dhakal entered the entertainment industry through music video. After acting in about half a century music videos, Suzana is seeking to act in movie. We wrote about Suzana talking about sex in our previous post . This post is about Suzana in general.

suzana Dhakal in polka dot dress

Suzana wanted to become an actress since her childhood. The limelight and the fame of the actors had always attracted her. The plus-two student had got some offers to act in movies too. But, she had to refuse them when the film makers also asked for sexual relationship as one of the conditions.

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Suzana Dhakal – talks sex

Suzana Dhakal is a new model testing her luck in the entertainment sector in Nepal. Originally from Jhapa, Suzana wants to be an actress in future. She hopes to work with the producer Chhabi Raj Ojha in future.

suzan dhakal 1 (3)

Suzana started by acting in music videos. She has acted in more than 20 music videos in the last two years of her career. Suzana says that, acting sector has both fame and money, and she is very happy in the field.

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