Sushma Adhikari in Israel (photos)

Nepali actress and model Sushma Adhikari is currently in Israel for stage shows. Sushma had gone to Israel in mid-September to participate in Teej Program. During the tour, Sushma has shared some hot photos of hers in various places in Isarel.

sushma adhikari dead sea

The photo of Sushma in bikini, above, was taken in the Dead Sea when Sushma and her friends went to visit the lowest land in the entire world. 

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World Cup football craze in Nepali models

FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular sports event in Nepal. The artists, models and virtually everybody is talking football and their favorite team. Although the games are played at night, people are watching by sacrificing their sleep.

We have collected some photos of models wearing the jerseys of their favorite teams.

Model Sushma Adhikari wears Argentina and poses for a photo at the Dasarath stadium in Kathmandu:

sushma adhikari

Sushma’s preference can’t be determined by what she wears. In another photos she is wearing Brazil:

sushma adhikari brazil jersey

The only thing common in the two photos is the cleavage (of course).

Model and actress Ashishma Nakarmi is a fan of Argentina. The following photo of Ashishma is a natural selfie (unlike that of Sushma, above).

ashishma nakarmi

Another actress, Priyanka Karki wears red, the jersey of her favourite team – Spain.

Priyanka Karki

Priyanka Karki is a die-hard fan of Spain. When Spain lost, Priyanka wrote:

priyanka karki spain loss

Himalayan Times’ TGIF also had a World Cup feature:

Miss Nepal Earth Prinsha Shrestha is also wearing Spain. A VJ, Jyoti Shrestha is Brazil fan.

worldcup fever in tgif himalayan times

There are other artists who are fans of football. Some were posted in movie blog, so I don’t want to repeat them here. The following video summarizes them. Click the link to visit the page to access photos.

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Sushma Adhikari, holi photos at Karishma Manandhar home

Actress and model Sushma Adhikari also participated in the Holi celebration program held at Karishma Manandhar‘s home. Sushma celebrated the festival with other celebrities present there.

sushma adhikari going to Karishma's residance

Sushma Adhikari – a selfie taken on her way to Karishma’s residence.

sushma adhikari all covered up in color

All covered up in colors.

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Sushma Adhikari, new actress in Anautho Prem Katha

Many new actresses are entering the Nepali movie industry every now and then. In that crowd of Nepali actresses, Sushma Adhikari is the new entry in her upcoming movie ‘Anautho Prem Katha’. The debut movie of the model from Kailali is scheduled to be released in Falgun.


sushma_adhikari_livenep_model (1)

Sushma had been modeling for the last three years and has acted in more than 30 music videos. Sushma thinks her body structure is attractive and is also a good dancer.

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