Archana Paneru Mom and Daughter to dance in Thamel Dance Bar

One of the dance bars in Thamel area in Kathmandu is going to feature a new attraction – hot dance of a mother-daughter duo – Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru. Video report:

In a Twitter post, Sunita Paneru wrote:

Me and my daughter Archana Paneru (have) got job at unique bar Thamel, Kathmandu. Dance on every Wednesday Friday and Saturday.

The daughter Archana Paneru and the mother Sunita Paneru are debuting in Nepali movie industry as actresses in upcoming movie ‘Jism’.

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Archana Paneru and Jisma crew arrested and released

The police in Pokhara arrested Archana Paneru and the whole crew of her debut movie ‘Jism’. The movie directed by Raju Giri was being shot in various locations in Pokhara.

Watch the following video to know what had happened:

While in Pokhara Archana and her mother Sunita Paneru seemed to be having a lot of fun, until they were arrested. They had shared photos of drinking beer and smoking hukka and posing with various personalities. One of the directors Sunita and Archana posed with was Shovit Basnet.

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Archana Paneru smoking with her mother

No mother encourages her daughter to smoke cigarette except, of course, the mother of Archana Paneru. Archana’s mother Sunita Paneru proudly shared photos of herself smoking with her daughter. I totally agree with the comments of Pyar-Pyare in YouTube:

When the mother Sunita took photos of her daughter and shared in Facebook, I thought she was a modern mother. But now, I have changed my opinion about Archana’s mom. I think, she doesn’t love her daughter at all.

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Sunita Paneru – bikini poses of Archana Paneru mom

Saying the “new age is really about old age,” the hot mother of the model Archana Paneru has posed in her underwear, again. She had done that before and I had reported about her intention to follow her daughter who has been taking all of her her clothes to pose for photos.

sunita paneru 3

It is no surprise that the mother who had been the photographer of her daughter’s explicit photo has wanted to walk in that path.

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Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru became Christian, Sunita opens up

The mother-daughter who want to show off their bodies and act in adult movies have left their religion by birth, Hindu and adopted Christianity. Video report :

Paneru mother and daughter haven’t given the reason behind the move. One can assume that they have chosen the religion because the Western world is more open in sex-related matters. While it is a taboo to talk about sex in the countries like Nepal and India, it is not like that in the Western world.

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Sunita Paneru, mom of Archana Paneru on her daughter’s path

The mother of a grade 10 student Archana Paneru, Sunita Paneru had taken the objectionable photos of her daughter and shared in internet. They were arrested for the crime but were released when they promised not to repeat the office. But, within a month of release from the police, they have started sharing such photos again in Facebook and Twitter.

What is more interesting is that the mother herself has started to pose for the photos. It seems, she is very interested to be popular by the way her daughter has become well known. Sunita has recently uploaded hot photos of herself in her night gown. She has shown the sign of following her daughter’s path. Video report:

In an audio released by her daughter, Sunita’s husband (Archana’s father) Bhoj Raj Paneru is not happy by the way his wife and daughter were exposing themselves. He can be heard talking foul language and accusing the mother and daughter to be whores and call girls. In response, both Archana and Sunita had asked for divorce. They say that they want to be free from the guy and do whatever they like doing.

sunita paneru in bikini yellow

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Archana Paneru hot photo updates

The hot cake of the current time, Archana Paneru, has sent some outdoor photos. She had mostly shared indoor photos before. Now, she has gone outdoor. Although she is fully clothed in these photos and our earlier post also showed Archana in more decent poses, she says that she still want to go extreme.

archana paneru pink and yellow at her gate

In addition to sharing these photos she has also shared some photos without wearing the clothes.

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