7 Unmarried Miss Nepal (2016 update)

After Asmi Shrestha was crowned the Miss Nepal 2016, there is one more addition to the population of Miss Nepal. I wrote about the Miss Nepal who were yet to get married in 2012. After that post, I had been following up the marriages of Miss Nepal.

Video report on the unmarried Miss Nepal so far:

The video was prepared a while before the Miss Nepal 2016 contest and after the marriage of Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan.

Reunion of Miss Nepals, Aug 2012 - Malvika Subba, Punam Ghimire, Sitashma Chand, Sumi Khadka, Sadiccha Shrestha, Malina Joshi, Jharana Bajracharya, Shweta Singh

Miss Nepals reunion program in August 2012 – From Left to Right standing first; Malvika Subba (2002), Poonam Ghimire (1996), Sitashma Chand (2007), Sumi Khadka (1994), Sadichha Shrestha (2010), Malina Joshi (2011), Jharana Bajracharya (1997), and Sweta Singh (1999)

The following updates are recorded after the 2012 post:

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Sugarika KC to marry Sanat Neupane

Sugarika KC, the Miss Nepal of 2005 is going to get married on November 30, 2012 with Sanat Neupane.

In sharp contrast to other beauties in glamor industry, Sugarika’s marriage is an arranged marriage. Although they knew each other, apparently there wasn’t any love affair between them.


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