Jyoti Magar says, bikini doesn’t suit her, to Dhamala

In the program ‘Dhamalako Hamala’ model and singer Jyoti Magar was the guest. In the program Dhamala asked Jyoti if she would wer and to to the street in two piece bikini. Jyoti replied that she doesn’t have the figure for bikini. Because of plumness, bikini doesn’t fit her. Jyoti told she is short and plump so bikini wouldn’t fit her.

jyoti mager in dhamalako hamala

In the interviw Jyoti told that she is still a virgin and her favorite celebrity are Rajesh Hamal and Rishi Dhamala.

Dhamala is known to ask absurd questions and emphasis on wrong topics in interview. Jyoti in the other hand is popular for showing off her skin and creating controversy. It is interesting to watch the two in the following interview.

Enjoy the interview in two parts:

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Did Aliza Gautam tattooed ‘Rishi’ on her back?

The model wife of Rishi Dhamala, Aliza Gautam has shared a photo of her her upper back with a word ‘Rishi’ written in blue ink. The written seems to be written before it is tattooed. She hasn’t shared a finished tattoo so, one can’t be sure if she has already tattooed a permanent one or not.

aliza goutam - rishi tatoo ...

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