Richa Sharma bold avatar in TNM magazine

Actress Richa Sharma is known for not-so-bold roles in movie. She has tried her best to act in all types of role. She says, she is an actress and she wants to try out all types of roles. It seems, being bold is another type of role she is trying in the photoshot for the Nepali Man magazine. The cover photo of Richa shows a lot of skin and a very low cleavage.

Video report on hot image of Richa Sharma.

The photos, shot in Budhanilakantha seem to portray a spoiled girl. She is smoking in one of the photos and a glass of wine is nearby. The netted stoking, low cut dress and skin show seem to portray Richa as a prostitute or some spoiled girl.

Here are the photos of Richa in the magazine.

tmt cover richa sharma hot aperance

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Tirsana Budhathoki unique protest against India, body painting

Nepali model Tirsana Budhathoki has painted her body to protest against Indian blockade. Tirsana did artistic paint on her body with Nepali flag and the details of the problem faced by nepali people because of Indian blockade at the border.

The model Tirsana is known for creating controversies out of the things we do. She posed as Goddess Durga during Dashain and as Goddess Laxmi in Tihar. In the past, she had also posed as a cricket player in skimpy clothes during the time the Nepali cricket team was winning international games.

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Archana Paneru outdoor photos in bikini, designs dress

The young girl who wanted to be an adult star, Archana Paneru, received a widespread coverage in a short period of time. As fast as she gained popularity, the talk and interest has waned in the online media. She has been banned from Facebook and YouTube and it seems, she is only active in Twitter. She isn’t that popular in Twitter either.

She had told that she was in a program in Dadeldhura. I searched for the event she participate in without success. She has shared some scantly-clad photos taken on her way to and back from Dadeldhura.

archana paneru hot shot

It seems, Archana wants to try new things. She has shared some dress-designs she has prepared. I have no idea on the artistic value of these drawing, I am sharing them for our readers to comment on.

archana paneru dress design2

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Sushma Karki with Gajit Bista

Actress Sushma Karki is being featured in hot looks in a music video with actor and dancer Gajit Bista. The actor’s 8-years old son, Saugat Bista, is in the process of being the youngest film director in the world. Gajit is known as one of the best dancers in the Nepali film industry.

Sushma Karki hot looks music video shooting

Here are some photo of Gajit and Sushma during the shooting of the music video.

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Jyoti Magar shares tongue tease photos

Nepali singer and model Jyoti Magar had told in interviews that she will continue to show off her body. In the latest photos it seems, Jyoti has shown off her skills.

Jyoti Magar is known for controversies and exposure. She was banned from TV stations for wearing revealing clothes (banned in NTV and banned in Himalaya TV).

With these photos it is clear that Jyoti doesn’t want to stop being secucive. We need to wait how far she can go in term of teasing her fans.

The story goes like this:

A friend brings Jyoti a juicy and delecious dish. It was a lot. She was surprised and happy to eat the dish:
jyoti magar that is big
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Anuska Gurung, a hot Nepali model

Anuska Gurung is a hot model and actress in music video. The owner of a perfectly shaped body is an attractive model who is comfortable opening up a little bit.

In the following photo, Anuska shows off her perfect body in a skin hugging dress:

anuska gurung (3)

Anuska is good at teasingly showing off and sensuous acting. She shows off a butterfly tattoo on her leg whenever she gets an opportunity. Here are some hot photos of Anuska Gurung:

Anuska in school dress:

anuska gurung (10)

anuska gurung (2)

Anuska in hot jeans shorts:

anuska gurung (8)

anuska gurung (1)

A sexy attire and red rose:

anuska gurung (5)

Hot and transparent split skirt (and of course a tattoo and the huge tree trunk):

anuska gurung (4)

anuska gurung (9)

Anuska shows her long and sexy legs in a mini skirt

anuska gurung (6)

anuska gurung (7)

Photo credit – Anuska Gurung

Dristi Dahal became Little Miss Universe 2014

In Little Miss Universe 2014 contest held in Turkey, 12-years-old Nepali girl, Dristi Dahal, has won the crown. A grade 8 student at NIC Academy, Kathmandu went to participate in the international contest held in Kafalu resort of Milas on May 12, 2014.

drishti dahal

Dristi was the winner of Little Miss Universe Nepal 2014 contest held on February 15, 2014 in Kathmandu.

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Miss Nepal 2014 Coronation dinner (photos)

UPDATE – More photos added at the end.

A Gala Dinner was organized to meet the newly crowned Miss Nepal title holders, previous winners of the title and other celebrities was held in Kathamndu after Miss Nepal crowning ceremony.

Miss Nepal 2014 Coronation dinner was a showcase of beautiful ladies clad in fashionable dresses and accessories. It was a great photo opportunity to take snap with current and ex-Miss Nepals.

ex miss nepal - according to year

Photo – Ex-Miss Nepal – Year descending from the Left (please guess the names, in comment)

ex-miss nepal with their misters

Photo – Ex-Miss Nepal with their Misters (Sadichha Shrestha had to leave as she didn’t have her mister).
From Left to right – Poonam Ghimire with her husband, Usha Khadgi with GP Timilsina, Shweta Singh with Bikash Singh, Malvika Subba with Riyaj Shrestha, Sitashma Chand with Ben Price and Ishani Shrestha with her boyfriend. Note – Ishani is the only unmarried Miss Nepal in the picture, by the looks that won’t remain true for long time.

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Namita Gurung – Miss Nepal 2014 contestant and Miss Tamusyo 2011

The winner of Miss Tamusyo beauty contest in 2011, Namita Gurung, is one of the 20 contestants in Miss Nepal 2014. With Miss Tamusyo, Namita had also won Best Confidence award during the contest. She was appointed the brand ambassador of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

UPDATE (April 15) – While talking about herself, Namita defines herself as a ‘true personality’ not a ‘fake’ one. The best part of Miss Nepal training Namita found was the soul searching class. That was one of the classes where she could investigate herself and finds the real self. With this and other training sessions, Namita has felt being empowered.

Also visit:

namita gurung 2

Namita was also the second runner ups of Miss Ecollege 2011 contest. The winner of the contest was Dikshya Shrestha. contest held

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