Jyoti Magar hot song – Piratima Jhyap

Singer model Jyoti Magar has modeled in a song titled “Suhaula Ra Dohori Ma Rap”. The song by singers Khuman Adhikari and Samjana Magar features Baburam Bohara and Jyoti Magar as the models. The director of the music video is Shankar BC. Enjoy the song:

Song details:

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Archana Paneru music video – Aicho Paicho released

Although it took more than a week, as announced by the makers earlier, the second music video of the 17-years-old model, Archana Paneru has finally arrived online.

Watch the shooting report:

The music video details are:

Director – Prakash Bhatta
Cinematographer – Karan Chaisir
Editor – Bishnu Sharma

Audio details:

Song Title – Aicho Paicho
Voices of – Dhanlal Japrel and Purnakala BC
Lyrics by –  Surya Birahi Saud
Music composer –  Surya Birahi Saud
Arranger – Binod Bajurali

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Hot music video of Jyoti Magar, Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi, released

A new music video featuring model Jyoti Magar in hot appearance is released online. The song titled, ‘Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi Parchan…’  features Jyoti in hot avatar. Jyoti is featured with music video director Shiva BK. The song features the voices of Jyoti Magar and Tanka Timilsina.

jyoti magar music video

The music video is a presentation of Rakshya Music features the music of Bhadra Oli, lyrics of Naresh Rai and directed by Shiva BK. The cinematographer of the music video is Shambhu Balise, editing by Rabin BK, and produced by Shiva 4S Media.

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Archana Paneru music video with mom Sunita Paneru (video)

As reported earlier, the controversial model Archana Paneru is featured in a music video titled ‘Aafna Kura Mathi …’ by Abiskar Movie maker. The music video made on the lyrics of Dr. Krishna Hari Baral features the voice of Sheetal Pandey. The music and arrangement is done by Hari Lamsal, camera by Rajendra Thapa, editing by Prem Sharma Poudel and the video is directed by Dilip Okheda. The debut music video of Archana also features her mother Sunita Paneru in a scene.

Watch our report on the shooting of the music video:

The movies in the music video are Archana Paneru and Mahesh.

Watch the full music video:

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Sexy singer Indira Joshi in music video modeling

Popular singer Indira Joshi has modeled in a music on her own voice. The music video titled ‘Rakshi Gilinma …’ features the voice of Indira and Laxu Niraula. The comedy themed song is written by Mahesh  Gyawali.

UPDATE: an interview of the singer in TTV:

indira joshi dance shooting

On Saturday, the music video of the song was shot in KB Films Studio, Godawari. The music video is directed by Prasanna Poudel and is shot by Bidur Pandey.

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Top 5 Music Video Models in Folk music videos

In the Musickhabar Music Award 2014 following models are nominated to be the best models in folk music videos:

Female models

top 5 music video models manjita kc, anju niraula shilpa pokharel parbati rai angel khanal

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