Press Princess Samriddhi writes her Miss Tourism Queen Asia journey

After all, she is ‘Press Princess’ and she’s got to write it !

And, she did write the story the journey. Although it is a lengthy article, it’s fun to go through and by the time I was reading a few paragraphs I started believing that no one other than Samriddhi would have deserved the ‘Press Princess’ title!

Even the ‘boring cliché’ of complain isn’t that boring after all:

Miss China won. China had invested so much to fly in contestants from 37 countries, keeping them in a 5 star hotel and putting up a great show, with massive audience and a gigantic stage–  crowning their own delegate for the title seemed legit, I think.

miss china with samriddhi rai

About the smile:

Notice that smile in every single picture of mine? It is so hard to wipe off that smile -honest.

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Miss Tourism Queen Asia 2013 is Miss China

The final result of the beauty contest Miss Tourism Queen Asia 2013 are available and it’s a no surprise deal that Miss China was crowned the title. In 2012 the crowning of Chinese beauty in Miss World 2012 was also a controversial decision of the organizers and this years many believe the history has repeated. There is a high chance that such a result cause credibility crisis when future contests are organized in the country.

miss tourism queen 2013 winners

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Samriddhi Rai’s Facebook hacked

The Nepali representative to Miss Tourism Queen Asia, Smriddhi Rai’s Facebook account was hacked yesterday. In a Facebook message Samriddhi told:

Somebody hacked my Facebook and apparently has opened up some kinda page for Nepali beauty queens. This morning when I woke up my Facebook was deactivated and my fan page closed down. No seriously, whoever did this is real evil. Negativity is the last thing I need right now so staying out of it. But just wanna say to the person responsible for this very kiddish act – GROW UP and be careful now that Karma will come back to haunt you.

PS. Apologies to people if u received mails or invitations that didn’t seem appropriate. Clearly I had nothing to do with it.
Staying strong no matter what 🙂


samriddhi - lunch with beauties

In another message, Samriddhi told that she is "known for jumping back with higher spirits every time" she fall down. She also thanked the person who hacked the account for helping her to grow stronger and better. In her own words:

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Samriddhi Rai in Miss Tourism Queen Asia

Samriddhi had won the Miss Personality title at the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011. This year she is hoping to do better in the contest. The photo of bikini-clad Smriddhi receiving the title was liked by our readers at that time. We hope to post more about her success this year too.

samriddhi rai bikini

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Miss Tourism Queen 2005

The beauty contest Miss Tourism Queen 2005 was held on May 20th, 2005 and 6 pm in Hotel Yak n’ Yeti. There were 13 participants to contest for the crown. The choreographer of the contest was Rachna Gurung Sharma and the event was organized by Group of Event Entertainers.

miss tourism queen 2005 participants

The Winner of the contest went to participate in the first ever Miss Tourism Queen International 2005 held in China on June 7, 2005.

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