Model Khusbu Oli and Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ relationship

UPDATE (August 6, 2014) – Khusbu admitted her relationship with Chari after he was killed by the police in a so-called encounter. A more detailed account of Dinesh Adhikari is posted here.

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There was a media report that ex-Miss Teen and model Khusbu Oli had visited Singapore and Goa with a gangster popularly known as Chari – Dinesh Adhikari. But, Khusbu has said that the report is not true. She told, the rumor was spread to defame her. Khusbu also challenge the reporters to check her passport for such visas.

khusbu Oli and dinesh adhikari chari

Model Khusbu is actively participating in social work by establishing a children rehabilitation center at Bishalnagar. She accused the so-called friend of ‘Chari’ – Arpan Koirala for spreading the rumor. Khusbu told, ‘Arpan is my friend. I had helped him to get out of his drug addiction.” But, she also added, she had refused him as a boyfriend. That was the reason he wanted to defame her.

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Aashika shrestha is Miss Teen 2013

The Miss Teen title of this year was awarded to Ashika Shrestha. In an event held in Kathmandu on Sunday, Shrestha was crowned the Miss Teen 2013.

miss teen 2013 winner

The first runner up of the beauty contest was Asma Ghimire and the second runner up was Shreya Karki.

All the title winners of Miss Teen 2013 are:

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Miss T.E.E.N Nepal Pageant 2013

Nepalese Council is organizing an international pageant for teens – Miss Teen Nepal Pageant 2013 on Februry 2, 2013. The contest is held among the participants of age group 14 and 19 years. We had covered the details of the event previously.

The winner of the beauty contest will represent Nepal in the Miss T.E.E.N Pageant, 2013 contest to be held from 24 to 29 June 2013, at Houston Texas USA.

We will update this post will the winners when we learn about them.

Keshu Khadka is one more Miss Teen – Republica Miss Teen 2012

As if we didn’t have enough of Miss Teens, one Miss Teen was organized a few days earlier and one more Miss Teen Nepal is going to be organized in February 2, 2013.

In the beauty contest held on December 23, 2012, Keshu Khadka was selected this year’s Republica Miss Teen 2012. The event organized by Kathmandu Jaycees and held at Army Officers Club, Kathmandu. In the event, Monica Sapkota was declared the first runner-up and Ayushma Shrestha was the second runner-up.


Monica Sapkota, Keshu Khadka, and Ayushma Shrestha (Left to Right)  (Photo credit -Republica)

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One more contest for teen – Miss T.E.E.N. Nepal

If you are a teen and are shopping for a beauty contest, here is one more contest you can apply for. But hurry, you only have a couple of days to apply as the deadline is November 30.

Miss T.E.E.N. Nepal is a new beauty contest for girls aged 13-18 years old by June 01, 2013. The full form of T.E.E.N. in the title represents – Teens Exemplifying Excellence Nationally. The final of the contest will be held on February 2, 2013.

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Application open, Miss Teen Nepal 2012

Application is open for Miss Teen Nepal 2012 beauty contest. So far, all we know is the applicant can be a Nepali citizen of age between 16 to 19 years.


We have asked the organizers for the details on the dates and venue of the contest and will update this post with the details later.

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Call for four beauty contests at the same time

eplanet_beauty_contestEventplanet Inc. has decided to organize all four of it’s  beauty contest at the same time and called application from eligible participants. If you fall between the age of 7 years-old and 56 years-old female (impressive 49 years range) you might get a chance to participate in one of the contests.

The beauty contests include:

  • Miss Teen (13 years – 19 years olds)
  • Miss International (unmarried 19 to 28 years old)
  • Mrs. Nepal (for married women between 21 to 56 years)
  • Little Miss Nepal (7 to 13 years)

Audition dates are on Mangsir 24,28 and 30 (9, 13 and 15 December, 2012)

The organizers have told that the nine of the winners will be sent to one of the number of international beauty contests. The winner of Mrs. Nepal will participate in Mrs. International,  the winner of Miss Teen will participate in Miss Teen International and the Miss International Nepal will participate in Miss International beauty contest to be held in the UA.

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Miss Teen 2012 – all the title winners

We had already talked about the winners of this year’s Miss Teen 2012. Other title winners include:

Top three

Other title winners:

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Nilu Khadka, Miss Teen 2012

In the Miss Teen 2012 beauty contest, held on September 12, 2012, Nilu Khadka was awarded this year’s Miss Teen title. Samikshya Siwakoti was awarded the 1st runner-up title and Nancy Bogati was the 2nd runner-up.

miss_teen2012_nilu, Samikshya, nancy

The event was previously scheduled for August 31 but later rescheduled for September 12.

We will update with details on other titles when more details are available. (photo credit – onlinekhabar)

Links to the profiles of the winners:

Miss Teen 2012, grand finale new date, Sept 12

miss_teen_2012_logoThis year’s Miss Teen 2012 grand finale was rescheduled from it’s original date on August 31. The new date for the contest is September 12. The event will be held in the Army Officers Club, starting at 2:00 pm.

The event will also be broadcasted live on Himalayan Television.

The organizers of the contest are criticized for the hefty price of Rs. 1,000.00 per person to be present in the finale of the event.

We will update on the beauty contest when it happens. Till then, our best wishes to all the 50 contestants of Miss Teen 2012.