Priyanka Thapaliya is the Miss Nepal US 2015

In the 5th edition of Miss Nepal US, held in New York on August 22, 2015, a beauty from North Carolina, Priyanka Thapaliya, was crowned the Miss Nepal US 2015. The first runner up of the contest was Kaushila Lama from Minnesota and the second runner up was Neha Jha from Texas.

miss nepal us 2015 winners

In the contest, Bollywood actors Manisha Koirala and Gulson Grover were also present. Grand finale was held at Ethical Center, New York.

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Miss Nepal US 2015 Application open

Young girls of Nepali origin aged between 18 to 29 years old are eligible to apply for the Miss Nepal 2015 contest. The application should be 18 and 29 at the time of the submission of the application and should be unmarried until the end of August 2015.

Eligible North America residents (US or Canada) can apply by paying a non-refundable fee of $50. There are different terms and conditions (including some blunders like rolex replica watches, as seen in the attached screenshot.)

miss nepal usa application opens

There is no mention of the deadline. So, hurry up and apply if you are eligible and interested. In 2014 edition, the deadline was in June.

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Khushbu Mishra is Miss Nepal US 2014

The Miss Nepal US 2014 title goes to Miss Khusbu Mishra. The first runner up of the contest was Sushama Sharma and the second runner up was Sushma Adhikari.

miss nepal us 2014 (4)

The title winners of Miss Nepal US 2014 are:

  • Miss Nepal US 2014 : Khushbu Mishra
  • Miss Nepal US 2014 1st Runner up : Sushama Sharma
  • Miss Nepal US 2014 2nd Runner up: Sushma Adhikari
  • Miss Culture & Tourism : Khushbu Mishra
  • Miss Scholastic Achievement : Khushbu Mishra
  • Miss Talent : Sushma Adhikari
  • Miss Best Walk : Sushma Adhikari
  • Miss Personality : Pujan Paneru
  • Miss Discipline : Byakhya Lamichhaney
  • Miss Nepal US Texas: Supriya Sharma
  • Miss Nepal US California : Kusma kharel
  • Miss Nepal US NewYork : Kabita Pahari
  • Miss Popular : Srijana Rai
  • Miss Photographer : Sayal Shahi

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Pooja Luitel – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

21 years old Pooja Luitel is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 105 lbs. Pooja hails from Kailua- Kona , HI. In three words, Pooja defines herself as confident, charismatic yet simple.

pooja luitel

Pooja loves music, dancing and solving puzzle. She is very good at solving Sudoku.

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Pujan Paneru – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

25 years old Pujan Paneru is 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 110 Lbs. Pujan hails from West Hartford , CT. In three words, Pujan defines herself as initiator, humble, self disciplined.

pujan paneru

Pujan loves travelling, dancing and social work. She also like making new friends and spending quality time with family and loved ones. In a question to why she wanted to participate in the contest, Pujan says, “I want to participate in this pageant to compete for the crown because I see this title as my pride and use it lifelong to do something amazing in the society and make a difference.” She believes, the contest is a gateway to raise her voice to support her cause and getting involved in the community works.

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Pingala Dhungana – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

20 years old Pingala Dhungana is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 103 Lbs. Pingala hails from Dallas , TX. In three words, Pingala defines herself as hard worker, talented and helpful.

pingala dhungana

Pingala is interested in modeling, acting and sports. She is participating in the Miss Nepal US 2014 because she wants to win the title. If she wins it, she will promote Nepali culture and raise awareness of Nepali identity.

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Kusma Kharel – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

22 years old Kusma Kharel is 5 feet 2 inch tall and weighs 95 Lbs. Kusma hails from Berkeley , CA. In three words, Kusma defines herself as patient, responsible, friendly.

Kusma Kharel (4)

Kushma’s hobbies and interest are dancing, traveling and social works. Kusma believes a beauty contest an important platform to showcase her intelligence, talent and personality. It also gives a platform to compete and challenging herself for a good cause.

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Puja Thapa – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

19 years old Puja Thapa is 5 feet 7 inch tall and weighs 140 lbs. Puja hails from Centreville , Virginia. In three words, Puja defines herself as diligent , vivacious and idealistic.

puja thapa

Puja loves watching movie and she also likes dancing. Puja’s motivation in participating in Miss Nepal US has nothing to do about it being just a beauty contest. She believes, the participation brings honor, self respect and an opportunity to do something for the country.

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Khushbu Mishra – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

27 years old Khushbu Mishra is 5 feet 4 inch tall and weighs 100 lbs. Khushbu hails from Columbus , OH. In three words, Khushbu defines herself as trend-setter, humanitarian and assertive.

khushbu mishra

Khusbu’s hobbiles include travelling, swimming, biking, badminton, rock climbing, painting, reading, cooking and research in gender and development economics. Khusbu had never done something like participating in beauty contests before. She believes the participation will add diversity and experience to grow as a person. She adds, “More specifically, I want to break the South Asian stereotype that only fair-skinned women represent beauty. Second, with the prize money, I want to help pay my sister’s medical school tuition. ”

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Kabita Pahari – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

19 years old Kabita Pahari is 5 feet3 inch and weighs 105 Lbs. Kabita hails from Ridgewood , NY. In three words, Kabita defines herself as diligent, motivated and team player.

kabita pahari

Kabita’s hobbies and interest include swimming, dancing, singing and making new friends. She participated in Miss Nepal US contest to develop her self confidence. If she becomes successful in winning the title, she will work for Nepal and Nepali people to build harmony. She will also work toward minimizing discrimination because of race, religion and caste .

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