Miss Nepal Evana Manandhar returns empty hand, Miss Spain becomes Miss World 2015

Miss Nepal Evana Manandhar didn’t win any titled in Miss World beauty contest held Saturday in China. The Miss World 2015 crown was handed over to Miss Spain. The first runner up of the contest was Miss Russia and the second runner up was Miss Indonesia. Apart from top titles, there were various sub-competitions and sub-titles. Evana didn’t win any such titles in the contest.

Evana did a good dance on a Nepali song on the Dance of the World contest. She had also prepared a good video about the earthquake in Nepal for the Beauty with Purpose contest. But, in spite of being good, they didn’t help Evana win titles.

Video report:

Evana was crowned the 20th Miss Nepal in an event held on April 18, 2015. A week after the crowning ceremony, Nepal went into mourning because of the earthquake on April 25.

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Miss Nepal 2015 delayed by a day, to be held on April 18

The biggest beauty contest in Nepal, Miss Nepal 2015, scheduled to be held today, on April 18, has been delayed by a day. In a notice posted in the official page of the contest, the contest will be held at 7:15 PM in Hotel Annapurna on April 19. According to the notice, all the tickets and the invitations issued for the contest will be valid for the next day.

miss nepal delayed

According to Hidden Treasure, the contest is delayed because of the national mourning declared by the government to pay respect to the late ex-prime minister Surya Bahadur Thapa. Surya Bahadur Thapa had died in a hospital in India on April 15.

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Nuning Limbu – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 19

The contestant no. 19 Nuning Limbu is originally a resident of Lalitpur. These days, she is living in the UK and she had come to Nepal to participate in Miss Nepal 2015. Nuning is 22 years old and is 5’4″ tall.

Video profile of Nuning:

nuning limbu (2)

Nuning believes in the empowerment of women. She also likes to be involved in the issues related to women and their role in social sectors.

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Kripa Neupane – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 17

The contestant no. 17 Kripa Neupane is originally from Hetuda and currently living in Koteshowr, Kathmandu for a long time. 23 years old Kripa is 5’6″ tall. Kripa has completed her BBA degree.

Video profile of Kripa Neupane:

kripa Neupane (2)

Kripa is proud of the support to her from her family. In life, she appreciate simple things like smile, kind words and help to others. She also likes to call herself a dreamer with optimistic future.

Kripa started her modeling career by participating in Papaya Glam Hunt 2012.

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Asina Poudel – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 16

The contestant no. 16 Asina Poudel is a resident of Kathmandu. 21 years old Asina is 5’7″ tall. Being a member of a cross-cultural family Asina has been exposed to different situations.

Watch the video profile of Asina:

Asina likes singing, guitar playing and dancing. In sports, Asina likes playing basketball and football. In the talent round, Asina had sung a Tara Devi song ‘Ukali Orali…’

asina poudel

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Evana Manandhar, Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 14

The contestant no. 14, Evana Manandhar, is a resident of Kathmandu. 23 years old Evana is 5’4″ tall. Evan has come from the USA to participate in Miss Nepal contest.

Video profile of Evana Manandhar:

Evana has received Dean’s Excellence Award (Marketing) and the International Student of the Year Award in US.

evana manandhar (1)

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Prashamsa Parajuli – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 13

The contestant no. 13 Prasansa Parajuli is a resident of Chitwan. 23 years old Prashamsa is ‘4.5″ tall.

Video profile of Prashamsa Parajuli:

prashamsha parajuli (3)

Prashamsha loves trekking and enjoys travelling an reading. In sports, she loves to watch football. Being a student of architecture, Prashamsha wants to be a successful architect in future.

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Dibyata Vaidhya – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 12

The contestant no. 12 Dibyata Vaidhya is a resident of Kathmandu. 23 years old Dibyata is 5’6″ tall. In 2003, Dibyata had won Hulas Little Lady Miss Photogenic 2003. After about a decade, Dibyata was the the 1st runner-up and Miss Photogenic in Miss Global 2012.

Video profile of Dibyata:

dibyata vaidya (5)

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Nishma Chaudhary – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 11

The contestant no. 11 Nishma Choudhary is a resident of Sunsari. A student of Bachelor, Nishma is 21 years old and is 5’6″ tall. In the 21 years long history of Miss Nepal,  Nishma is only the second contestant from Tharu community. Last time, Sibani Singh Tharu was the only contestant from Tharu community.

Video profile of Nishma Chaudhary:

Nishma chaudhary miss Nepal

This is

the first time Nishma has participated in any beauty contests. Before this participation, she didn’t know that beauty contests were more about inner beauty than the outer one.

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