Miss Nepal 2014 is Subin Limbu

UPDATE – Crowning Video:

A Dharane beauty, Subin Limbu has won the Miss Nepal 2014 title in the finale held at Kathmandu on May 2, 2014. Subin was one of the 19 contestants eying the Miss Nepal title this year. 23-years-old Subin is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.

miss nepal winners subin limbu prinsha shrestha and sonie rajbhandari

A student of BBA, Subin was the first runner up of Miss Mongol 2010. After winning Miss Nepal title, Subin has also received a gift prize of Rs. 100,000 and will represent Nepal in Miss World 2014.

Miss Nepal 2014 subin limbu

The Miss Nepal First Runner up title went to Prinsha Shrestha and the Second Runner up title went to Sonie Rajbhandari. Prinsha who represents Nepal in Miss Earth 2014 received a cash prize of Rs. 65,000. Sonie was awarded Rs. 40,000 cash prize and she will represent Nepal in Miss International 2014.

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Miss Mongol 2014 is Anista Gurung

This year’s Miss Mongol title went to Anista Gurung. The 6th edition of the beauty contest among Mongol girls was held on Saturday in Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi on April 5, 2014. Anista was crowned by the last year’s Miss Mongol winner Muskan Limbu. With the crown, Anista also won a cash prize of Rs. 100,000.

miss mongol - Anishtha gurung

The first runner ups of the contest was Annie Gurung and the second runner ups was Bibasana Dhenga. Each runner ups were awarded Rs. 15,000 in cash prize.

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Miss Mongol 2014 contestants, Part 2 (no. 14-26)

UPDATE: Miss Mongol 2014 is the contestant no. 1 Anista Gurung.

The contestants of Miss Mongol 2014 are compiled in two-parts post. Miss Mongol 2014 is going to be held on April 5, 2015 among 25 Mongol beauties. Details about the audition and other details of the contest were posted earlier..

Click here for Part 1 of the contestants of Miss Mongol 2014.

Jyoti Gurung

Jyoti Gurung 1

Prashuma Rai

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Miss Mongol 2014 contestants, Part 1 (no. 1-13)

UPDATE: Miss Mongol 2014 is the contestant no. 1 Anista Gurung.

The contestants selected for the finale of Miss Mongol 2014 are posted below. The beauty contest scheduled on April 5, 2015 has 25 Mongol beauties contesting for the title. In addition to the Miss Mongol 2014 title various other subtitles will also be awarded to the contestants. We wrote about the audition and other details of the contest in our previous post.

Click here for Part 2 of the contestants of Miss Mongol 2014.

Anista Gurung

Anista Gurung 1

Rista Rai

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25 beauties selected for Miss Mongol 2014 contest

The audition of the sixth edition of Miss Mongol beauty contest was held in Kathmandu recently. After evaluating the 57 applicants, 25 were selected for the final event.

miss mongol 2014 contestants visit hanuman dhoka

Photo: Miss Mongol 2014 contestants, Kumari Darshan and historical world heritage Hanuman Dhoka visit (Photo – Ashok Pyasi Rai)

The organizer Action Entertainment will offer various trainings to the selected candidates. Some of the trainings include confidence building, talent-hunt, art, culture, language, traditional fashion and other topics. The organizers want to fuse the talent and tradition.

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Muskan Limbu has become Miss Mongol 2013

The Miss Mongol title of this year has gone to the 19-years-old Muskan Limbu. Muskan was one of the 27 contestants to represent the Mongol community this year. After winning the title, Muskan received the Miss Mongol 2013 crown, and a cash prize of Rs. 100,000.

miss mongol 2013 winners600

The first runner-up of Miss Mongol 2013 is Bani Rai and the second runner-up is Sonu Shrestha. In addition to winning second runner-up title, Bani Rai also won Miss Culture Ambassador of this year.

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Miss World Mongol in making ?

An international beauty contest for Mongol girls, Miss World Mongol, is being planned for the future. To study how the contest is being held in Nepal representatives of various international organizations are coming to Nepal as observers.

miss mangol 2013 press meeting

In Miss Mongol 2012 representatives from India and Mongolia had observed the beauty contest. Chanda Ghising of the organizer Action Entertainment told that the observers from India, Mongolia and Afghanistan have confirmed their participation this year. She added, negotiations with the observers from Thailand and Korea is also going on.

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Miss Mangol renamed Miss Mangol Nepal – application open

logo_miss_mangolThe beauty contest among beauties of Mongol origin, Miss Mangol, in it’s fifth edition is revised to embrace other beauty contests among girls of Mongol origin. In the 2013 edition of the contest winners of Miss Sherpa, Miss Newa, Miss Tamang, Miss Rai and other similar contests will be allowed to participate in the final (without the selection auditions).

The prize money of the winner is also increased to Rs. 100,000 with crown and other gifts.

The contest is open to all Mongol girls aged between 16 and 24. The participants should be unmarried and a minimum education of SLC and a height of at least 5 feet.

The final of Miss Mangol 2013 will be held in Pragya Bhawan on March 9, 2013.

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How Models celebrate Dashain (Happy Vijaya Dashami)

Vijaya Dashami is the biggest festival and the longest holiday in Nepal. The 10-days-long celebration is a symbol of the victory of good over bad and involve worshiping of Durga, a Hindu goddess. Dashain also marks the time to return to one’s birthplace and meet all the relatives. Eating meat and other delicious food items is another attraction of the festival.

People usually buy new clothes and prepare various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items at the time. Taking auspicious Tika and Jamara starts on the tenth day (October 24, this year) after Ghatasthapana and continues for the next four days.


Other attractions of the festival are traditional swings (linge ping and rote ping) and flying kite. People also engage in playing cards during the festival. This time is considered the high time for retail and entertainment businesses.

In the festival various models (who won major beauty contest in this year) told how they are celebrating Dashain:

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