How Models celebrate Dashain (Happy Vijaya Dashami)

Vijaya Dashami is the biggest festival and the longest holiday in Nepal. The 10-days-long celebration is a symbol of the victory of good over bad and involve worshiping of Durga, a Hindu goddess. Dashain also marks the time to return to one’s birthplace and meet all the relatives. Eating meat and other delicious food items is another attraction of the festival.

People usually buy new clothes and prepare various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items at the time. Taking auspicious Tika and Jamara starts on the tenth day (October 24, this year) after Ghatasthapana and continues for the next four days.


Other attractions of the festival are traditional swings (linge ping and rote ping) and flying kite. People also engage in playing cards during the festival. This time is considered the high time for retail and entertainment businesses.

In the festival various models (who won major beauty contest in this year) told how they are celebrating Dashain:

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Eshee Awai’s Dashain plans

This year’s Miss Kirat, Eshee Awai has plans to celebrate Dashain in Kathmandu. To celebrate Dashain Eshee’s relatives come to Kathmandu and they have a big celebration plan in her home. Eshee’s family and relatives also organize a lot of get-togethers.

Eshee Awai_miss_kirat_2012_photo

Eshee says that she doesn’t know how to fly kites but she is Dashain swing crazy. She has plans to go to Tokha to play the swing made there for Dashain.

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