Sahara Chitrakar is Miss Ecollege 2014

Grade 12 student of Prasadi College, Kumari Pati, Sahara Chitrakar, has been crowned this year’s Miss Ecollege in an event held on Friday in Kathmandu.

Miss Ecollege 2014, Sahara also won Best Skin Award and she was also placed third in the swimming competition among the contestants. After winning the title Sahara was awarded a scooter costing Rs. 65,000 and a scholarship equivalent to Rs. 200,000 for her higher studies in Champion College.

Miss ecollege 2014 top three

Prasansa Poudel of Budhanilakantha Higher Secondary School became the First Runner up. Prasansa also won Miss Personality award. Pransha was awarded a scooter and a scholarship of value Rs. 100,000. Jyoti Khadka of Institute of Engineering, Jyoti Khadka was the second Runner Up in the competition. Jyoti was also Best Photogenic in the competition.

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Miss E-college 2014 final to be held on September 19

This Friday, the finale of another beauty contest, Miss E-College 2014 is going to be held at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal. The winner of this year’s Miss E-college will be selected from 25 participants in the contest.

miss e-college 2014 participants

The name list of this year’s participants is as follows:

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Namita Gurung – Miss Nepal 2014 contestant and Miss Tamusyo 2011

The winner of Miss Tamusyo beauty contest in 2011, Namita Gurung, is one of the 20 contestants in Miss Nepal 2014. With Miss Tamusyo, Namita had also won Best Confidence award during the contest. She was appointed the brand ambassador of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

UPDATE (April 15) – While talking about herself, Namita defines herself as a ‘true personality’ not a ‘fake’ one. The best part of Miss Nepal training Namita found was the soul searching class. That was one of the classes where she could investigate herself and finds the real self. With this and other training sessions, Namita has felt being empowered.

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namita gurung 2

Namita was also the second runner ups of Miss Ecollege 2011 contest. The winner of the contest was Dikshya Shrestha. contest held

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Pragya Lamichane is Miss Ecollege 2013

The fourth edition of Miss E-college beauty contest was held in Kathmandu at Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal. The event held on the Christmas day selected Pragya Lamichane, of St. Xavier’s college, the Yamaha RayZ Miss Ecollege 2013. After winning the contest, Pragya was awarded the crown and Yamaha RayZ scooty and a scholarship equivalent to Rs. 1 lakh.

miss ecollege 2013 winners

In addition to winning the title, Pragya also won the Miss Talent and Facebook Multimedia titles too. The first runner-up of the contest was Nisha Pokharel and the second runner up was Parbati Shrestha. Nisha and Parbati each received CTV mobile phone and scholarships amounting to Rs. 50,000.

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Miss E-College 2013 application open

The application for the fifth edition of Miss E-College beauty contest has opened for all eligible participants. The contest being organized by Seasons Media is open for all college going girls of at least 5feet and 2 inches tall and aged between 16 and 24 years. The participants need at least to have passed SLC.

miss e-college announcement

The application deadline for the contest is Kartik 20.

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Miss E-college 2013 to be organized on Sept. 21, application deadline August 15

Another beauty contest, Miss E-college 2013 is being organized on Ashoj 5 (September 21, 2013). The application deadline for the participation is set on Shrawan 31 (August 15).

miss ecollege announcement

The requirement of participation include:

  • Height – at least 5′ 2"
  • Education – SLC completed
  • Age – 16 years to 22 years
  • Unmarried woman.

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How Models celebrate Dashain (Happy Vijaya Dashami)

Vijaya Dashami is the biggest festival and the longest holiday in Nepal. The 10-days-long celebration is a symbol of the victory of good over bad and involve worshiping of Durga, a Hindu goddess. Dashain also marks the time to return to one’s birthplace and meet all the relatives. Eating meat and other delicious food items is another attraction of the festival.

People usually buy new clothes and prepare various vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items at the time. Taking auspicious Tika and Jamara starts on the tenth day (October 24, this year) after Ghatasthapana and continues for the next four days.


Other attractions of the festival are traditional swings (linge ping and rote ping) and flying kite. People also engage in playing cards during the festival. This time is considered the high time for retail and entertainment businesses.

In the festival various models (who won major beauty contest in this year) told how they are celebrating Dashain:

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Grishma Basnet’s Dashain Plans

The winner of Miss Ecollege beauty contest, Miss Ecollege 2012, Grishma Basnet, enjoys the Dashain swing a lot. She doesn’t like flying kite but swinging in the special swings made for the festival is the best thing she looks forward to every year.


For Grishma, Dashain is a very good excuse for doing a lot of shopping. He favorite boutique for shopping Kurta Suruwal is ANA Boutique in New Road, Kathmandu.

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Grishma Basnet is Miss E-college 2012

In the event held on October 5, 2012 Miss E-college 2012 title was awarded to a 18-year-old beauty Grishma Basnet. Grishma is currently doing 12th grade in Gyan Kunj Colleg Wafal. Grishma was also awarded two other sub-titles – Best Hair and Best Smile awards.


Divya Bhandari was awarded the First Runner-up Miss E-college 2012 title and Miss Photogenic awards. Prakriti Shrestha was awarded the Second Runner-up title of Miss E-college 2012 and Miss Discipline awards. The winner of the contest was awarded Mahindra Rodeo Scooter, gift hampers, and a scholarship of value equivalent to 1 lakh in bachelor level study. The first and second runner-ups receive cash prizes of Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 10,000 and scholarships.

miss_ecollege_2012_beauty_contest (3)

The third edition of the contest, Javier International Miss E-college, was held in a program in Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal among 24 finalists beauties. After introductory round and best dress contest 11 out of 20 contestants were selected in the top-11 place. Then the top 5 were selected based on question and answers. The winner was selected from the top-5 after the evaluation of their written statement in the allocated 3-minutes time.

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Miss Ecollege talent show held

The talent show of the third Miss Ecollege 2012 beauty contest was held in Kathmandu. The contest is being organized by Season Media and the theme of this year’s contest is ‘Women Personality Education and Beauty’.


The talent show program was held in Marco Polo Business Hotel, Hattisar, Kathmandu. In the show, 20 contestants showcased their talents. The judges of the contest were dance director Anup Dangol, journalist Dabbu Chhetri, RJ Sahara Pradhan and Dipak Limbu.

In the program Divya Bhandari, Sushila Lama, Prakriti Shrestha, Grishma Basnet, Sharmila Thapa, Saraswati Dawadi, Diki Bista, Priti Lama, Ashmita Tiwari, Ranju Chapagain, Saru Basnet, and Saira Kumal danced in different Nepali songs.

Similarly, Sharmala Thapa and Mingma Sherpa talked about Miss Ecollege and women empowerment respectively. Susana Lama, Priya Gadal, and Kunchang Tamang sang songs and Janjina Shrestha presented music in the program.

The Miss Ecollege beauty contest is scheduled to be held on Ashoj 19 (October 5, 2012) in Rastirya Naachghar, Jamal, Kathmandu. The winner of the contest will win a scooter and a scholarship of an amount equivalent to Rs. 2 lakh.

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