Happy birthday Malvika Subba

Today is birthday of former Miss Nepal, actress and model Malvika Subba. On the occasion of her birthday Malvika went to dinner with her husband. They are currently in the beautiful city, Pokhara.

malvika subba birthday with husband

Malvika Subba is Miss Nepal 2002. In 2013 she had celebrated her birthday with HIV infected kids.

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Seven ex-Miss Nepal launched a phone

In an event held on Sunday, seven ex-Miss Nepal launched a phone brand. Gionee’s new ELIFE S7 phone was launched jointly by Ishani Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2013), Usha Khadgi (Miss Nepal 2000), Priti Sitaula (Miss Nepal 2003), Malvika Subba (Miss Nepal 2002), Shristi Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2012), Malina Joshi (Miss Nepal 2011), and Ruby Rana (Miss Nepal 1994). The phone model unveiled by the seven ex-Miss Nepal is named ELIFE S7.

seven ex miss nepal

The gowns are designed by Crossroad Apparel (by Suvexya Bhadel and Ashrita Bhadel). Gionee Mobiles is also the co-sponsor of Miss Nepal 2015.

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Prakriti Rai is Miss Bhutan USA 2014

The Miss Bhutan USA beauty contest held during the 3-days-long Himalayan Festival USA selected Prakriti Rai the Miss Bhutan US 2014. With the crown Prakriti was also awarded the Miss Personality title. The first runner up of the contest was Sita Bhujel and the second runner up was Dawa Magar. Sita Bhujel was also Miss Popularity. Other title winners of the contest include Nira Acharya – Miss Best Smile.

miss bhutan us 2014 prakriti rai

In the cultural program organized in the Festival, Manita Gurung of Rochester, NY won the Himalayan Dancing Icon Title. Leena Rai was the second in the competition.

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Miss Nepal 2000-2013 height compared, taller more likely to win?

A chart comparing the height of ex-Miss Nepal since 2000 to the current Miss Nepal were compiled by a Facebook user. The chart compares the heights of 11 Miss Nepals. The tallest among them is 5 feet and 9 inches tall Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha.

Here are the ranking according to the height:

  1. Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha (5’9″)
  2. Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha (5’8.5″)
  3. Miss Nepal 2007, Sitasma Chand (5’8″)
  4. Miss Nepal 2005, Sugarika KC (5’7.5″)
  5. Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi (5’6.5″)
  6. Miss Nepal 2010, Sadichha Shrestha (5’6″)
  7. Miss Nepal 2009, Zenisha Moktan (5’6″)
  8. Miss Nepal 2002, Malvika Subba (5’6″)
  9. Miss Nepal 2004, Payal Shakya (5’4′)
  10. Miss Nepal 2003, Priti Sitaula (5’4′)
  11. Miss Nepal 2000, Usha Khadgi (5’4′)

miss nepal height chart  - 2000 to 2013

Photo : Comparison of past Miss Nepal in terms of height.

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20 Years of Miss Nepal, slideshow

Miss Nepal beauty contest started in 1994 and this year is the 20th year the contest has been running. We have compiled all the Miss Nepal from first Miss Nepal Ruby Rana to the last one Ishani Shrestha in a slideshow video.

miss nepal 20 years

In 20 years-long history the contest wasn’t held in three years – 2001, 2006 and 2008. On every other years, a new Miss Nepal was added totaling to 17 Miss Nepal so far. The 2014 edition of Miss Nepal is scheduled to be held on May 3, 2014. The preparation of biggest beauty contest in Nepali is undergoing.

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Malvika Subba returned from USA after wrapping up Miss Nepal US(A) contest

After training the participants and judging on the finale, ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba has returned back to Nepal from the USA on Tuesday. While in USA she was honored by the local Limbu community.

malvika with miss nepal usa 2013 team

Malvika with Miss Nepal 2013 organization team.

Miss Nepal US 2013 at was held in Queens Theatre in New York on August 17th. In the event, Bartika Rai was awarded the Miss Nepal US(A) 2013 title.

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Bartika Rai is Miss Nepal USA 2013

One of the 16 finalists of Miss Nepal US(A) 2013, Bartika Rai, was crowned this year’s title. With crown, Miss Nepal US(A) 2013 Bartika Rai was awarded scholarship equivalent to a cash prize of $5,000. Bartika is also appointed the brand ambassador of Nepal Tourism Board.

miss nepal usa2013 title winners

This year’s first runner-up is Anuja Thapa Magar received scholarship equivalent to $3,000 and the second runner-up is Sony Pathak received $2,000 in scholarships.

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31 beauties selected for the Miss Global International 2013 beauty contest

In the audition held on June 29 in Kathmandu, 31 beauties were selected to participate in the final of Miss Global International 2013 contest. That was about half of more than 60 girls who had participated in the audition.

miss global international 2013 participants

Girls in age range 18-24 were invited to participate in the audition. A team of judges including ex-Miss Nepal Malvika Subba and Manoj Kumar Pandey had selected the finalist of the contest. Subba will also be the choreographer of the contest.

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Malvika Subba answers to racist comments

Racism is a disease in Nepali society. People are still raising issues of caste and culture. Malvika Subba wrote a long Facebook post in response to ‘Limbu daju bhai’ who criticized her, a Limbu, to marry a person of Newar caste. Malvika asked people to be positive and understand her choice of the best person she could find for her life. It is not a matter of caste but the person you are attached to.

malvika subba marries riyaj shrestha

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