Khusbu Oli engaged with a UK NRN, Santosh Karki

Model and Miss Teen 2006, Khusbu Oli has engaged with a UK NRN, Santosh Karki in an event held at Yak and Yeti Hotel in Kathmandu on March 11, 2016. In the engagement ceremony the prime minister KP Sharma Oli was also one of the guests. A video report on the engagement news:

Model Khusbu Oli is known for her relationship with don Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’. She had accused the government of killing him unlawfully and had promised to fight for him. But, when the investigation on the sources of her properties started, she secretly left the country and started living in the UK.

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Did Khusbu Oli escaped police surveillance and reached London?

Khusbu Oli, the girlfriend of the gangster, ‘Chari’ who was killed in a police encounter, has fled country and reached UK. In a report, the police was investigating Khusbu’s on the sources of her properties. The police is investigating the properties of the gangster and his relatives. The police had banned Khusbu to leave Kathmandu until the investigation was over.

khsubu oli

In a few online reports, Khsubu has reportedly updated her Facebook status from the UK. But, we couldn’t verify that as such post (if any) were already deleted in her profile. In the reports, Khusbu is in London to participate in a meeting of her NGO, Shelter.

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Khusbu Oli accuses Arpan Koirala on the death of Chari, who is Arpan?

UPDATE: Messages from Arpan Koirala to Khusbu:

arpan koirala message to khusbu-oli

arpan koirala message to khusbu-oli 2

According to Miss Teen 2006 Khusbu Oli, Arpan Koirala has been following her for a long time. In an earlier interview, Khusbu has claimed that she had helped Arpan out of drugs addiction. It seems, they had a relationship before it broke. It sounds like Dinesh Adhikri ‘Chari’ was the reason behind their breakup. If conspiracy theory of Khusbu is to be believed, Arpan’s love toward her is the reason behind the death of the Chari.

We have a full account of the killing of Chari and Khusbu’s response in this post. In this post, we look at Arpan Koirala.

First, watch a video in which Khusbu accuses Arpan:

arpan koirala with khusbu oli bl

Photo – Khusbu Oli with Arpan Koirala and children of the orphanage she is running. (Photo from facebook)

Who is Arpan Koirala?

Arpan Koirala is probably the ex-boyfriend of Khusbu Oli. He might have been a drug addict who quit after Khusbu’s help. They might have been having good time until Chari came in picture. When Khusbu became attracted to the don, Arpan became furious. He revealed about the affair and threatened and blackmailed Khusbu. We did some detective works on the person and here is the result:

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Model Khusbu Oli and Dinesh Adhikari ‘Chari’ relationship

UPDATE (August 6, 2014) – Khusbu admitted her relationship with Chari after he was killed by the police in a so-called encounter. A more detailed account of Dinesh Adhikari is posted here.

Original post continues:

There was a media report that ex-Miss Teen and model Khusbu Oli had visited Singapore and Goa with a gangster popularly known as Chari – Dinesh Adhikari. But, Khusbu has said that the report is not true. She told, the rumor was spread to defame her. Khusbu also challenge the reporters to check her passport for such visas.

khusbu Oli and dinesh adhikari chari

Model Khusbu is actively participating in social work by establishing a children rehabilitation center at Bishalnagar. She accused the so-called friend of ‘Chari’ – Arpan Koirala for spreading the rumor. Khusbu told, ‘Arpan is my friend. I had helped him to get out of his drug addiction.” But, she also added, she had refused him as a boyfriend. That was the reason he wanted to defame her.

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