Tattoo beauty actresses in Nepali film industry

Tattoo culture is slowly entering the Nepali film industry. A well located tattoo enhances the beauty of the actress. Although having tattoo is not new, but the popularity is new in young girls and boys. The following video discusses the tattoo of Nepali actresses:

Actress Priyanka Karki and actress Karishma Manandhar had tattoos 5-6 years ago. Karishma’s tattoo on top of her left breast made headlines. Priyank’s beautiful figure is on the right side of her back. Priyanka also has a tattoo on her right foot.

priyanka karki tattoo

Actress and model Poojana Pradhan‘s tattoo is a simple name. She is planning to have more tattoos in future. We wonder what the tattoo will be and where they might be located. Being a model who want to showoff her skin, she might also make a tattoo like that of Karishma and Sushma Karki.

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Karishma Manandhar in a Dashain Tihar program in UK

Actress Karishma Manandhar and actor Dhiren Shakya had gone to the UK to participate in a cultural program held in Ashford, Kent, UK. In the program, actress Karishma and Dhiren had danced together.

karishma-manandhar-uk-cultural-program kent with dhiren shakya

The program was organized by Sagarmata Gurkha Nepalese Community to promote Nepali culture and tradition among local Nepali residents. Karishma and Dhiren had left for UK on October 9, 2014.  (more about the program in After the program, actress Karishma went to London to meet her family members. Karishma has a family business in London.

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Sushma Karki, holi celebration photos at Karishma Manandhar house

We have compiled some photos of actress Sushma Karki celebrating Holi 2014. The festival of color is one of the most entertaining festivals in Nepal.

sushma karki with Rajesh hamal holi 2014

Sushma Karki having fun with .

Sushma Karki is one of the most popular item girl in Nepali film industry. Her item dance on ‘Udreko Choli …’ in the superhit movie ‘Loot‘ established her as an item girl. After that she had acted in ‘Bindaas’ and ‘Bindaas 2’ in leading roles.

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Sushma Adhikari, holi photos at Karishma Manandhar home

Actress and model Sushma Adhikari also participated in the Holi celebration program held at Karishma Manandhar‘s home. Sushma celebrated the festival with other celebrities present there.

sushma adhikari going to Karishma's residance

Sushma Adhikari – a selfie taken on her way to Karishma’s residence.

sushma adhikari all covered up in color

All covered up in colors.

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Karishma Manandhar – Actress

Karishma Manandhar is considered to be one of the most beautiful actress in Nepali movie industry.

Originally known as Karishma KC became a Manandhar after marrying Binod Manandhar. Apart from acting, she has also produced a movie. A mother of a daughter in late teens, Karishma still looks young and beautiful.

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