Why is Jyoti Magar fat ?

Singer and model Jyoti Magar is one of the fattest model in the Nepali entertainment industry. Entertainment industry is not favourable to fat models. But, Jyoti Magar is an exception. Being fat has become a blessing to Jyoti Magar and she has taken advantage of the fact that she has better body parts and she liberally shows off her body. That is the main reason Jyoti is in high demand in stage shows in Nepal and out of country. She is also a hot cake in the Nepali music videos. Apart from singing and modelling in her own songs, she also models for other’s music videos.

A video report on why Jyoti Magar is fat and about her eating habits.

Case of Samjhana Budhathoki

Being fat isn’t always helpful. One example is one of the hottest dancers of her time, Samjhana Budhathoki. Samjhana was in high demand in the stage shows in country and in foreign country. But, after she gained a lot of weight, these days, Samjahna’s demand has diminished. She is not featured in any music videos and isn’t seen in any stage shows. Being fat has been a curse to Samjhana Budhathoki.
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Jyoti Magar Teej song – Drinking on Teej Dar, hot music video

Singer and model Jyoti Magar has released her version of Teej song, “Teejko Pary”. In the song, she says that she will be drinking a lot one the day. In the song written and recorded on Jyoti Magar’s voice, the visualization is also provocative. With Jyoti Magar the models in the music video are Kabita Sharma, Samjhana Budhathoki, Sarishma Samjali, Shilpa Khadka, and Premika Khanal.

A video report:

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Jyoti Magar hot stage shows in the UK, Bale and Cockroach perform comedy show

Hot singer and model, Jyoti Magar, had performed in the UK on June 4 and she is scheduled to perform on Saturday, June 11.

Highlights of June 4 Babaal Dhamaka in Aldershot, UK:

Jyoti Magar, Bale (Sagar Lamsal) and Cockroach (Hari Niraula) had arrived in UK on June 1, 2016 for the concerts titled “Babaal Dhamaka” in a number of different venues in UK. They will stay there for 20 days for three concerts.

A news video of Jyoti Magar and the team in the UK for the cultural show:

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Jyoti Magar feels bad when compared to Archane Paneru (interview)

Singe and model Jyoti Magar is often compared to Archana Paneru . But, when asked, Jyoti told that she feels bad when compared with such an immature and  vulgar model.

In the following list of 4 model/actresses who made it big by taking off their clothes, both Jyoti and Arachana are in the list.

Please watch the following video and comment on Jyoti’s statement:

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4 hottest models and actress of 2072

Happy New year to all Badmasi.com readers. On the occasion of the new year, let’s look at the actresses and models who preferred to take off their clothes for popularity. The top actress/model in the list is Archana Paneru. The next top is Tirsana Budhathoki with Jyoti Magar and Suvekshya Thapa following them.

A video report on the four models/actresses and what they did last year:

Archana Paneru was arrested for more than once last year. She was accused of promoting vulgarity and the last time she was arrested for shooting a movie without obtaining the permit.

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Jyoti Magar hot song – Piratima Jhyap

Singer model Jyoti Magar has modeled in a song titled “Suhaula Ra Dohori Ma Rap”. The song by singers Khuman Adhikari and Samjana Magar features Baburam Bohara and Jyoti Magar as the models. The director of the music video is Shankar BC. Enjoy the song:

Song details:

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Hot music video of Jyoti Magar, Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi, released

A new music video featuring model Jyoti Magar in hot appearance is released online. The song titled, ‘Kina Kina Keta Merai Pachadi Parchan…’  features Jyoti in hot avatar. Jyoti is featured with music video director Shiva BK. The song features the voices of Jyoti Magar and Tanka Timilsina.

jyoti magar music video

The music video is a presentation of Rakshya Music features the music of Bhadra Oli, lyrics of Naresh Rai and directed by Shiva BK. The cinematographer of the music video is Shambhu Balise, editing by Rabin BK, and produced by Shiva 4S Media.

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Jyoti Magar says, bikini doesn’t suit her, to Dhamala

In the program ‘Dhamalako Hamala’ model and singer Jyoti Magar was the guest. In the program Dhamala asked Jyoti if she would wer and to to the street in two piece bikini. Jyoti replied that she doesn’t have the figure for bikini. Because of plumness, bikini doesn’t fit her. Jyoti told she is short and plump so bikini wouldn’t fit her.

jyoti mager in dhamalako hamala

In the interviw Jyoti told that she is still a virgin and her favorite celebrity are Rajesh Hamal and Rishi Dhamala.

Dhamala is known to ask absurd questions and emphasis on wrong topics in interview. Jyoti in the other hand is popular for showing off her skin and creating controversy. It is interesting to watch the two in the following interview.

Enjoy the interview in two parts:

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Jyoti Magar complaint against online media for untrue report

Mode and singer Jyoti Magar has lodged a complaint against some online media to Press Council Nepal. Reports of Jyoti Magar being beaten by local female group in Balaju during the shooting of a music video  were published in some free hosted blogs.

jyoti magar complained against online media

In the complaint Jyoti has asked the Council to take action against registered media and if they are not registered they should be punished according to cyber crime laws. The suspicious reports had stated that the music video title to be “Raato Sari ratai cha colour, ek raat sutna ek hazar dollar…”

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