Supriya Kauwal, music video model (interview and photos)

Music video model Supriya Katuwal has admitted in an interview that she had been taken advantage of in the industry. She says that she had always been interested in being popular and enter the entertainment industry.

supriya katuwal

Supriya told that she charges at least Rs. 15,000 for a music video and the income is just enough for living. Supriya says that she is also interested in acting in movies.

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Jyoti Magar – another interview banned for excessive exposure

The singer and model Jyoti Magar is known to wear low-cut dress for an excessive exposure. When NTV Plus found her dress inappropriate for the channel, they deleted her interview from a talk show related to Teej festival. In response to the banning Jyoti questioned the intention of the television management.

jyoti magar backstage korea

Photo – Photo taken in backstage in a stage show in Korea

Now, another television station also found her interview inappropriate and has  stopped the broadcast of her interview. Jyoti Magar was invited to a comedy program in Himalayan TV ‘Jogindar Bole Pranamji’. The TV management decided to stop the program when they found the dress Jyoti was wearing during the interview inappropriate.

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I was a tom-boy, Prinsha Shrestha

Miss Nepal Earth 2014 Prinsha Shrestha used to be like a tom-boy. She would dress like a boy, drive bike and didn’t do any makeups. She participated in Miss Teen 2008 for her mother and won it. After winning the title she realized that the beauty contests aren’t contests to measure outside beauty. At that time she decided to participate in Miss Nepal.

prinsha shrestha (2)

Although she didn’t prepare herself for contests, she trained herself to learn things she didn’t know. For example, she joined modeling institute to learn how to walk properly. She also joined make up classes.

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‘Pokhara made me, so I want to make Pokhara’, Sonie Rajbhandari

After winning the title Miss Nepal International 2014 Sonie Rajbhandari has found that her friends and family members have started treating her differently. But, Sonie thinks nothing has changed and she would prefer everybody treats her the way they used to in the past.

sonie rajbhandari

About her background, Sonie told that she was always attracted to glamour field. She used to enjoy watching beauty contest programs in television and would be impressed by the style, smile and crowns in the competition.

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Miss Nepal 2014 Subin Limbu interview

After winning the title Miss Nepal World 2014, Subin Limbu has been quite busy talking to reporters. Almost every media have asked her the same question and her answers have also been more-or-less the same. We had also posted some videos of Sabin’s interviews. For those who want to read Subin’s answers, here is an interview Subin gave to a weekly magazine.

subin limbu 1

Summary of the interview:

Subina says that her earlier plan to work on corporate sector hasn’t changed after winning the title.

In the past she used to think about herself, after winning Miss Nepal she has started thinking about other youths in the country. She also wanted to bring the charm similar to that of cricket by bringing home the Miss World crown.

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Interviews of Miss Nepal 2014 Subin Limbu

The newly crowned Miss Nepal, Subin Limbu, quite busy in talking to the media person. She has been the celebrity overnight and is known as one of the most beautiful woman in the country. But, Subin thinks that it is not about physical beauty but a beauty of purpose.

subin limbu miss nepal

We have collected some of the interviews of the Miss Nepal.

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Miss Nepal Subin Limbu is not interested in acting

There are some Miss Nepal who had tried their luck in acting in movies. Although none have been successful actress, acting has been one of the most attractive profession for them.

subin limbu miss nepal 2014

In an interview to a daily Miss Nepal 2014, Subin Limbu has told that she is not interested in acting. She would rather go in business sector. A choice of business as a profession for a business student does make a perfect sense. At the same time, none of the previous Miss Nepal who had tried their luck in acting haven’t been much successful.

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Suvekshya Thapa talks sex and fantasies

In an interview, Suvekshya Thapa an actress and producer of the movie “Miss Nepal’ talks about her sexual preferences and experiences. In the interview Suvekshya talks about some imaginary incidents.

suvekshya thapa

If Suvekshya were given an opportunity to change to another creature she would like to become a fish as she loves swimming.

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Shristi Shrestha talks about life, food, travel and pressure

Ex-Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha is currently in Mumbai, participating in Lakme Fashion Week. In an interview with Amandeep Dokal for Shristhi reveals some of her personal preferences and views.

shristi shrestha traditional dress

About life Shristi says that she never imagined that her waitress job will open the door to a modeling career in an international arena. She met the photographer of her first modeling shot in the restaurant who asked her to take part in one of his bridal photoshot. For the last two years, she has been modeling full time.

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