I love living life with regrets, Prinsha Shrestha

This is the article written by Miss Nepal Earth 2014, Prinsha Shrestha. Prinsha had initially written these words in her Facebook timeline. 

prinsha shrestha miss nepal earth 2014


Yes, they were wrong. People who said ‘Live life with no regrets’ were wrong. Books that quoted ‘Live life without regrets’ should never have been published.

Because that particular suggestion has affected human behavior in a pattern that ruins relationship pattern of us, innocent beings.

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Responses of Miss Nepal contestants after Subin Limbu became Miss Nepal 2014

These are the responses of the Miss Nepal 2014 contestants after the finale held on May 2, 2014. None of these responses were requested. They have written them on their own. We will update other responses if they choose to write. 

miss nepal 2014 winners prinsha subin and sonie

These responses are the proof that the Miss Nepal contestants are a bunch of positive-minded beauty with brains.

The winner, Miss Nepal Subin Limbu:

miss nepal 2014 subin limbu facebook message

The first and second runner ups are is yet to write any responses.

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Facebook profiles of Miss Nepals (updated)

This post was originally created to post the Facebook profiles of Miss Nepal 2014 Contestats. While keeping the original content at the bottom of the page, we have updated it with the Facebook profiles of all the Miss Nepal so far.

Year Miss Nepal Facebook Address
2014 Subin Limbu facebook.com/slumfawalimbu
2013 Ishani Shrestha facebook.com/ishani.s.shrestha
2012 Shristi Shrestha facebook.com/shristi.shrestha.5
2011 Malina Joshi facebook.com/malinajoshi2011
2010 Sadichha Shrestha facebook.com/sadichha.shrestha
2009 Zenisha Moktan facebook.com/ZNYXIA
2007 Sitashma Chand facebook.com/chand.sitashma
2005 Sugarika KC facebook.com/ssugarika.kc
2004 Payal Shakya facebook.com/payal.shakya.5
2003 Pretty Sitaula facebook.com/priti3
2002 Malvika Subba facebook.com/malvika.subba.7
2000 Usha Khadgi facebook.com/usha.khadgi
1999 Shewta Singh facebook.com/singhshweta21
1998 Niru Shrestha
1997* Jharana Bajracharya facebook.com/agnisila
1997 Neelilma Gurung facebook.com/neelima.gurung.378
1996 Poonam Ghimire facebook.com/punam.g.risal
1995 Sumi Khadka facebook.com/sumi.khadka.92
1994 Ruby Rana facebook.com/rppshah

*Jharana Bajracharya was Miss Nepal World 1997 whereas Neelima was Miss Nepal 1997.

*** Original Content***
We have compiled the links of the Facebook profiles of Miss Nepal 2014 contestants. Links to the profiles and details of each of the contestants are available here.

miss nepal 2014 contestants

Links to the Facebook profiles of Fanta the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2014 Official Contestants (click on the name of the contestant on the Left). Except for Subin Limbu the profiles of all 19 contestants are listed below.

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Samriddhi Rai’s Facebook hacked

The Nepali representative to Miss Tourism Queen Asia, Smriddhi Rai’s Facebook account was hacked yesterday. In a Facebook message Samriddhi told:

Somebody hacked my Facebook and apparently has opened up some kinda page for Nepali beauty queens. This morning when I woke up my Facebook was deactivated and my fan page closed down. No seriously, whoever did this is real evil. Negativity is the last thing I need right now so staying out of it. But just wanna say to the person responsible for this very kiddish act – GROW UP and be careful now that Karma will come back to haunt you.

PS. Apologies to people if u received mails or invitations that didn’t seem appropriate. Clearly I had nothing to do with it.
Staying strong no matter what 🙂


samriddhi - lunch with beauties

In another message, Samriddhi told that she is "known for jumping back with higher spirits every time" she fall down. She also thanked the person who hacked the account for helping her to grow stronger and better. In her own words:

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Miss Nepal 2012 mother, Happy Birthday

The mother of Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha is no less beauty than her daughter. Shristi shared a photo of her mother in Facebook and wished her happy birthday.

Shristi writes, "My strength, inspiration and rays of sunshine in the darkest of times. I wish to be blessed as your daughter for all my lives to come. I am who I am, because of you. I love you eternally. Happy Birthday Mummy!"

happy birthday shristi shrestha mother

Nagma Shrestha, a thankful beauty

Miss Earth Nepal Nagma Shrestha did a great job to introduce Nepal in the international arena by being one of the most successful Nepali beauties in an international beauty pageant so far. Being successful is one thing and being thankful is another. When both of them go together, you get a ‘truly beautiful’ being. After reading her ‘thank you’ note in Facebook, it is clear that her inner self is as tall as her body (she is really tall!)


Here is a part of her thank you note:

Nepal, for me is a “country of HOPE”. Hope of all the people, all Nepalese for a better n brighter Nepal pushes us to do something for our country to make her stand tall n firm like Mt. Everest!. Opportunities r everywhere .. u just need to grab it. for me Miss Nepal was an opportunity. Being crowned as Miss Earth Nepal was yet another opportunity to do something for Nepal. Its almost 6 months since my coronation. yes, 6 months… a long time indeed n the most memorable 1 too!!

The note continues with thanking God for giving the opportunity. She thanked her trainers, stylists, dress designers like Sakil Kunwar, Bipen Mickey Gurung, Bishwo Gautam, Subexya Bhadel, Ashritaa Bhadel, Tenzin Tseten Bhutia , Dija Shrestha, Sayal Shrestha. She also thanked her sponsors, family members and friends for their support during the beauty contest the motivations.

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