Priyanka Karki Valentine Day present, Maya ta Maya ho cover (video)

Nepali actress Priyanka Karki has been singing and releasing music videos for some time. On the occasion of Valentine Day, Priyanka has released another music video on her voice. The video featuring Priyanka ad Ayushman Desraj Shrestha. The song originally sung by Narayan Gopal and Indian singer Asha Bhosle was recorded for the hit movie ‘Chino’.

priyanka and ayushman music video

The song features the guitar of Sonam Pakhrin. Priyanka’s hair and make-up by Lemii Tamang, wardrobe by Yubi Thapa, styled by Sayal Shrestha. The cinematographer is Sisan Baniya, editior Ranjit M and the music video is directed by Nilu Doma Sherpa.

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Binita Baral, dress for mystery movie by Yubi Thapa

The actress known for her role in Chapali Height, Binita Baral, is currently working in a secret movie that she wants to surprise her fans with. In some latest photos shared by designer Yubi Thapa, he is measuring the hot actress for the dress to be worn in the upcoming movie.

binita_baral_dress_design_for mystry_movie (4)

We have no idea what the dress would look like or what the name of the movie is, but some of the things are well known – that, Binita is a good actress and Yubi designs awesome dress. They’re the reason enough to look forwarding to the mystery movie!  Continue reading

Chapali Girl Binita worried about the gossip

It seems Binita Baral has enough of controversies and she wanted to do something new. She started her filmy journey with her disagreement with the producer Krisha Chaulagai but her next movie ‘Chapali Height’ helped Binita to gain a new height in Nepali movie industry. But, the failure of her second movie ‘Full Stop’ was such a failure that some event said that was the full stop of her filmy career.

Now, Binita seems to have taken it seriously, she hasn’t talked about her upcoming movie till the end. The journalists found out about the secret movie after more than 80% of the shooting was completed in various parts of Nepal.


In a question why the project was kept secret, Binita told, “There were a lot of talks. Now, I want to show my work without talking about it much.”

Binita added, “This is an experimental movie so I wanted to show my work rather than talking abou it. ” She added, “Although the story is a fiction, it is not a normal story.”

Binita was thinking about the theme of the movie at the time of the shooting of ‘Chapali Height’ and now Niranjan Pandey and Saurav Dhakal are helping Binita in making her dream a reality. Binita refused to reveal the title of the movie but told that the movie is being produced by Movie Infinity and is being directed by Niranjan Pandey and Saurav Dhakal.

The shooting of the movie is being done in the area around Chitlang, Chisapani and Kathmandu. The movie will also introduce Oscar college and theater students in movie. Binita says that the story of the movie revolves around herself. (based on published news about Binita’s upcoming movie)