Archana Paneru bikini photos

The controversial model Archana Paneru is featured in a few music videos and is going to debut as an actress in near future. Archana is currently busy in the preparation of her role as an actress in the movie by director Raju Giri. The director Raju Giri is known to create controversy with every actress he worked with.

It’s too bad she has started by accusing producers and directors in the movie industry:

Some of the controversies of Raju Giri:

  • Raju Giri also had problem with the actress Sashi Khadka during the making of ‘Chandrawati’. (Watch ‘Chandrawati’ here)
  • Raju Giri hadproblem with the actress Poojana Pradhan during the shooting and release of Nepali movie ‘Rakshya’. (Watch ‘Rakshya’ here)
  • The controversial poster of ‘Bindaas’ featuring actress Sushma Karki was also the cause of problem with the actress (Watch ‘Bindaas’ here)
  • During the sequel ‘Bindaas 2’ Sushma was ok but another actress Anisha Gurung wasn’t happy by the poster featuring Anisha without clothes. (Watch ‘Bindaas 2’ here)

I hope Archana will have no problem with the director. Let me share hot photos of Archana Paneru in bikini.

archana paneru in bikini1

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Sunita Paneru – bikini poses of Archana Paneru mom

Saying the “new age is really about old age,” the hot mother of the model Archana Paneru has posed in her underwear, again. She had done that before and I had reported about her intention to follow her daughter who has been taking all of her her clothes to pose for photos.

sunita paneru 3

It is no surprise that the mother who had been the photographer of her daughter’s explicit photo has wanted to walk in that path.

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Bikini photo shot – Miss Earth Nepal Prinsha Shrestha

Our Miss Earth Nepal 2014 Prinsha Shrestha has recently done bikini photo shot for the beauty pageant. The photo shot was held in a beach in Manila, Philippines where she is preparing for the finale of the international contest. Earlier, Prinsha was nominated for Miss Earth 2014, Best National Director of the year.

prinsha shrestha bikini photoshot miss earth

More bikini photos of Prinsha:

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Malina Joshi bikini shots compared 2011 and 2013

While comparing the Miss World 2011 bikini shot of Malina Shakya with the one at the Miss Asia Pacific 2013, it is clear that she has improved herself a lot. In the last couple of years, Malina has improved everything from the body to her posture. She seem to have matured a lot in these days. Let’s see two bikini photos side-by-side.

malina joshi - miss world - 2011 - bikini shotmalina-Joshi-miss-asia-pacific-bikini-round_thumb

2011 Miss World bikini Round | 2013 Miss Asia Pacific bikini shot

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Samriddhi Rai – Miss Toursim Queen International 2011

Samriddhi Rai represented Nepal in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 held recently in China. In the event, she was successful in winning a special award – Miss Personality. Bikini-clad Samriddhi looks beautiful receiving the award.

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011  (5)

A gradate in Mass Communication and broadcast journalism, Samriddhi takes modeling and journalism parallely. Samriddhi is a sub-editor of a young people’s magazine, Teenz. She is also a reporter in Y magazine and The Kathmandu Post.

Samriddhi_Rai_tourism_queen_2011  (7)

More photos in xNepali photo blog:

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