Archana Paneru debut movie first look released

The first look poster of the debut movie of Archana Paneru, ‘Jism’ is released on April 30, 2016. The movie is scheduled to release on July 15, 2015. The movie directed by Raju Giri features Archana Paneru with Surendra Budha and Suvekshya Thapa.

Video report:

The movie had gone through various controversies even before its making. The movie is made under Raju Giri Production banner.

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Jyoti Magar feels bad when compared to Archane Paneru (interview)

Singe and model Jyoti Magar is often compared to Archana Paneru . But, when asked, Jyoti told that she feels bad when compared with such an immature and  vulgar model.

In the following list of 4 model/actresses who made it big by taking off their clothes, both Jyoti and Arachana are in the list.

Please watch the following video and comment on Jyoti’s statement:

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4 hottest models and actress of 2072

Happy New year to all readers. On the occasion of the new year, let’s look at the actresses and models who preferred to take off their clothes for popularity. The top actress/model in the list is Archana Paneru. The next top is Tirsana Budhathoki with Jyoti Magar and Suvekshya Thapa following them.

A video report on the four models/actresses and what they did last year:

Archana Paneru was arrested for more than once last year. She was accused of promoting vulgarity and the last time she was arrested for shooting a movie without obtaining the permit.

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Archana Paneru Mom and Daughter to dance in Thamel Dance Bar

One of the dance bars in Thamel area in Kathmandu is going to feature a new attraction – hot dance of a mother-daughter duo – Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru. Video report:

In a Twitter post, Sunita Paneru wrote:

Me and my daughter Archana Paneru (have) got job at unique bar Thamel, Kathmandu. Dance on every Wednesday Friday and Saturday.

The daughter Archana Paneru and the mother Sunita Paneru are debuting in Nepali movie industry as actresses in upcoming movie ‘Jism’.

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Jism film name changed to Archana after actress Archana Paneru

Although the movie is yet to be cleared for shooting, the debut movie of controversial model Archana Paneru is changed to ‘Archana’ instead of it’s previous name ‘Jism’. The director of the movie, Raju Giri told about the change in a press meet organized in Kathmandu on March 30, 2016.

Video report:

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Archana Paneru and Jisma crew arrested and released

The police in Pokhara arrested Archana Paneru and the whole crew of her debut movie ‘Jism’. The movie directed by Raju Giri was being shot in various locations in Pokhara.

Watch the following video to know what had happened:

While in Pokhara Archana and her mother Sunita Paneru seemed to be having a lot of fun, until they were arrested. They had shared photos of drinking beer and smoking hukka and posing with various personalities. One of the directors Sunita and Archana posed with was Shovit Basnet.

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Archana Paneru bikini photos

The controversial model Archana Paneru is featured in a few music videos and is going to debut as an actress in near future. Archana is currently busy in the preparation of her role as an actress in the movie by director Raju Giri. The director Raju Giri is known to create controversy with every actress he worked with.

It’s too bad she has started by accusing producers and directors in the movie industry:

Some of the controversies of Raju Giri:

  • Raju Giri also had problem with the actress Sashi Khadka during the making of ‘Chandrawati’. (Watch ‘Chandrawati’ here)
  • Raju Giri hadproblem with the actress Poojana Pradhan during the shooting and release of Nepali movie ‘Rakshya’. (Watch ‘Rakshya’ here)
  • The controversial poster of ‘Bindaas’ featuring actress Sushma Karki was also the cause of problem with the actress (Watch ‘Bindaas’ here)
  • During the sequel ‘Bindaas 2’ Sushma was ok but another actress Anisha Gurung wasn’t happy by the poster featuring Anisha without clothes. (Watch ‘Bindaas 2’ here)

I hope Archana will have no problem with the director. Let me share hot photos of Archana Paneru in bikini.

archana paneru in bikini1

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Archana Paneru to star in Raju Giri movie Glamour

The mother-daughter duo model from Mahendranagar, Archana Paneru and Sunita Paneru are going to be featured in the upcoming movie of the director Raju Giri. According to reports, the movie titled ‘Glamour’ will feature Archana in leading role and her mother Sunita Paneru will also be featured in the mother’s role. Other artists in the movie are yet to be announced.

Watch the video report:

The shooting of ‘Glamour’ is scheduled to start on March 5.

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Archana Paneru music video – Aicho Paicho released

Although it took more than a week, as announced by the makers earlier, the second music video of the 17-years-old model, Archana Paneru has finally arrived online.

Watch the shooting report:

The music video details are:

Director – Prakash Bhatta
Cinematographer – Karan Chaisir
Editor – Bishnu Sharma

Audio details:

Song Title – Aicho Paicho
Voices of – Dhanlal Japrel and Purnakala BC
Lyrics by –  Surya Birahi Saud
Music composer –  Surya Birahi Saud
Arranger – Binod Bajurali

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Archana Paneru smoking with her mother

No mother encourages her daughter to smoke cigarette except, of course, the mother of Archana Paneru. Archana’s mother Sunita Paneru proudly shared photos of herself smoking with her daughter. I totally agree with the comments of Pyar-Pyare in YouTube:

When the mother Sunita took photos of her daughter and shared in Facebook, I thought she was a modern mother. But now, I have changed my opinion about Archana’s mom. I think, she doesn’t love her daughter at all.

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