Top 10 Sexiest Women In The World, 2014

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On the occasion of New Year 2015, we are presenting the top 10 Sexiest Women in the World in 2014 as identified by FHM Magazine. The profile of the women in the top 10 list is presented the following video:

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Michelle Keegan
  3. Rihanna
  4. Emily Ratajkowski
  5. Kaley Cuoco
  6. Mila Kunis
  7. Beyonce
  8. Lucy Mecklenburgh
  9. Nicole Scherzinger
  10. Scarlett Johansson

The details of the Top 10 sexiest women in the world in 2014 in video:

Jenifer Lawrence

Top 1 – Jennifer Lawrence

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Neelum Chand top 15 in Miss Asia Pacific Supertalent of the World

Although she couldn’t win the title, Nilam Chand (Neelam Chand) has managed to be one of the top 15 in the Miss Asia Pacific Supertalent of the World held in South Korea. Neelum had reached Seoul on December 11 and the final was held on Friday, December 19.

Neelum Chand in Miss asia pacific (6)

This year’s title of the Miss Asia Pacific 2014 went to Miss India with Miss Netherland winning the first runner up and Miss Mongolia winning the second runner up titles/

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Subin Limbu leaves for Miss World 2014

As scheduled, the Miss Nepal World 2014, Subin Limbu, has left for UK to participate in the Miss World 2014 beauty contest on November 19, 2014. The contest is scheduled to be held on December 14, 2014 in London, UK.

subin limbu to miss world 2014

Subin was crowned Miss Nepal 2014 in an event held on May 2, 2014. After winning the title, Subin and the runner ups were preparing for the international beauty contests they were scheduled to participate in. Both Miss Nepal Earth Prinsha Shrestha and Miss Nepal International Sonie Rajbhandari have got to participate in their respective contests in Japan and Philippines respectively.

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Prinsha nominated for Miss earth 2014, best National Director of the year

Miss Nepal Earth 2014, Prinsha Shrestha, is nominated for the best National Director of the year.

miss earth nepal 2014 prinsha shrestha (1)

The nominations include:

  • United Kingdom ( Miss earth Uk )
  • South Africa ( Miss Earth SA)
  • Venezuela ( Miss Venezuela Organization )
  • Malaysia ( Miss Earth Malaysia)
  • Nepal ( Miss Earth Nepal)

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Ashma Thapa Chhetri is Miss Teen Hetauda 2014

Ashma Thapa Chhetri has won the Miss Teen Hetauda 2014 title. In the beauty contest held in Hetauda on November 1, 2014, Ashma was crowned out of 15 contestants. After winning the title Ashma was awarded Rs. 100,000 in cash prize.

miss teen hetauda 2014

Kanchan Shrestha won the first runner up title and was awarded Rs. 15,000 cash prize and other gift hampers. The second runner up Sunita Darnal was also awarded Rs. 15,000 and other gifts.
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Miss Teen Hetauda 2014 talent show held

The 16 finalists of Miss Teen Hetauda 2014 showed off their talent in the talent show event held on October 10, 2014. The constants danced and sang during the talent show. It was also a presentation of ethnic and cultural show.

 miss teen hetuada 2014 contestants

The judges in the talent show were entrepreneur Ankita Sumargi, choreographer Sunil Lopchan and Madhu Ale Magar.

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Nisha Pathak is the Miss Global International 2014

Nisha Pathak has become the fifth Miss Global International Nepal. Selected out of 24 contestants, Nisha won a cash prize of Rs. 200,000 and a trophy. In addition to winning the crown, Nisha also won Miss Discipline title.

miss global international 2014 - nisha

The first runner up of the contest was Sushmita Regmi. Sushmita was awarded Rs. 60,000 in cash prize and she also won Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic titles. The second runner up of the contest was Archana Panthi. Archana was awarded Rs. 30,000 in cash prize. She also won Miss Intelligent title.

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Nia Dewan is Miss UK Nepal 2014

In the beauty contest among Nepali girls in the UK held on August 31,2014, Nia Dewan is selected the Miss UK 2014. The 4th Miss UK Nepal, Nia was crowned in a program held in a ceremony held at Princess Hall, Aldershot.

Miss UK Nepal 2014 (8)

Sumi Shrestha was crowned the first runner up and Arya Sharma was crowned the second runner up.

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Khushbu Mishra is Miss Nepal US 2014

The Miss Nepal US 2014 title goes to Miss Khusbu Mishra. The first runner up of the contest was Sushama Sharma and the second runner up was Sushma Adhikari.

miss nepal us 2014 (4)

The title winners of Miss Nepal US 2014 are:

  • Miss Nepal US 2014 : Khushbu Mishra
  • Miss Nepal US 2014 1st Runner up : Sushama Sharma
  • Miss Nepal US 2014 2nd Runner up: Sushma Adhikari
  • Miss Culture & Tourism : Khushbu Mishra
  • Miss Scholastic Achievement : Khushbu Mishra
  • Miss Talent : Sushma Adhikari
  • Miss Best Walk : Sushma Adhikari
  • Miss Personality : Pujan Paneru
  • Miss Discipline : Byakhya Lamichhaney
  • Miss Nepal US Texas: Supriya Sharma
  • Miss Nepal US California : Kusma kharel
  • Miss Nepal US NewYork : Kabita Pahari
  • Miss Popular : Srijana Rai
  • Miss Photographer : Sayal Shahi

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Pooja Luitel – Miss Nepal US 2014 contestant

21 years old Pooja Luitel is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 105 lbs. Pooja hails from Kailua- Kona , HI. In three words, Pooja defines herself as confident, charismatic yet simple.

pooja luitel

Pooja loves music, dancing and solving puzzle. She is very good at solving Sudoku.

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