Kavre Ladies Talent Show 2013 to be held on January 27

A talent show among the Kavrepalanchowk resident ladies is being held in Banepa Polytechnic Araniko Party Palace. The talent show is being organized for the last three years to recognize the local talent in the district.


From the applicant aged 16 to 24 years, 10 best ladies were selected from places like Dhulikhel, Banepa, Nala, Paanchkhal, Panuti, Sanga, Bhakunde, and Sankhu for the final contest. Choreographer Raju Fauju is training the selected participants to make them ready for the final event to be held on Magh 14 (January 27, 2013) in Banepa.


This is the fourth edition of the contest and the details of previous year’s winners are:

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Photos, ‘Soongava’ premier and red carpet event at KIMFF 2012

(update, Malvika Subba’s comment at the end of this post.)

The red carpet premier of ‘Soongava : Dance of the Orchids’ held during the KIMFF 2012 film festival was more like a fashion show because of the presentation of models – especially the Miss Nepals. Present in the ceremony were Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi, Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha, Miss Nepal 2002 Malvika Subba and others.

The lead actresses of ‘Soongava’, Diya Maskey and Nisha Adhikari flaunted stunning dress designed by designer Bishow Gautam. We had posted some photos of the preparation of the event on Dec 7. Here are some photos to highlight of the event:


Malvika_subba_interviews_subarna_thapa for e24 channel

Malvika Subba talks with the director, Subarna Thapa for e24 television channel.

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Miss Rajbanshi 2012 to be held on Dec 8

Social Organisation Of Rajbanshi Abroginies (SORA) has decided to held a beauty contest to select Miss Rajbanshi 2012 on December 8, 2012. The beauty contest is expected to help the young girls of Rajbanshi community for personal development and confidence building.

The beauty contest, open to SLC-passed Rajbanshi girls, will be selected based on her beauty, talent and other personality benchmarks.

The winner of Miss Rajbanshi title will receive a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, the first runner up will receive a cash prize of Rs. 15,000 and the second runnerup will receive Rs. 10,000 in addition to other attractive gift hampers.

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Sunita Dangol’s Dashain plans

Dashain is a very busy time for this year’s Miss Newa 2011, Sunita Dangol. Sunita spend time in worshiping gods, various parties and meeting with relatives. Sunita loves flying kites but, she hasn’t found free time to enjoy the sport.


Sunita also plays cards during Dashain and she also meets her school friends to celebrate together. In this Dashain, Sunita Dangol will be visiting Kavrepalanchowk to distribute uniforms to school kids.

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The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2011

This is last year’s highlights of The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week’11.

Selected models of the last year’s Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week were:

  • Rashmita Maharjan
  • Aastha Pokharel
  • Asmi Shrestha
  • Kritika Thapa
  • Meera Karki
  • Prina Maharjan
  • Oshima Banu


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Miss UK Nepal 2010, 2011 and 2012 (photo)

Miss UK Nepal beauty contest started in 2010 and there are three beauties selected to represent Nepal in UK. In the following photo all the three Miss UK Nepal winners are photographed together.

On the left is Miss UK Nepal 2010, Nabina Gurung, in the middle Miss UK Nepal 2011, Gaumaya Gurung and on the right Miss UK Nepal 2012, Durga Gurung. (photo credit – Shanti Gurung)


In the history of Miss UK Nepal beauty contests, all the three winners had been Gurung.
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Miss UK Nepal 2012 – who will win this year?

** Start UPDATE on 9/9/2012 **

4. … List of the winners of Miss UK Nepal 2012:

  • Miss UK Nepal and Miss Best figure- Durga Gurung
  • 1st runner up and Miss Talent – Parika Ale
  • 2nd runner up and Miss Personality – Nayan Gurung
  • Miss Catwalk – Tina Purja
  • Miss Photogenic/Public Choice – Rosy Oli

3. Final 5 are:

  • Nayan Gurung
  • Ashika Rai
  • Parika Ale
  • Pushpa Sunuwar
  • Durga Gurung

2. A photo of the contest (photo credit – Parista Rai)


1. Introduction round (photo credit – Sushmita Gurung)


End …. UPDATES on 9/9/2012

Miss UK Nepal started in 2010 and this year’s contest is the third contest to choose the Nepalese representative in the UK.

This year’s third Miss UK Nepal 2012 (We will fill up the blank tomorrow)

  • Winner of title – ?
  • First Runner up – ?
  • Second Runner up – ?

Here in HawaModel, total votes received were 2252:

  1. Durga Gurung leads with 704 votes (31% of the total votes)
  2. Ashika Rai is second with 459 votes (20% of the total votes)
  3. Rosy Oli is third with 426 votes (19% of the total votes)

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Evita Tamrakar – Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011

At the time when the auditions of Miss Global Beauty Queen 2012 are going on, we are posting some highlights of the past winner, Evita Tamrakar. The runner-ups of the Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 were Bhumika Dhakal and Rupa Karki respectively.

Some highlights of Miss Global Beauty Queen Nepal 2011, Evita Tamrakar.

Miss global beauty queen 2011

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Garima Gyawali is Miss Little Idol 2012

In an event held in Kathmandu on Saturday, Garima Gyawali  is selected this year’s Miss Little Idol 2012. The first runner-up of the title was Jofan Lama and the second runner-up was Simran Khadka. In the photo below posing for the photo after the event are Jofan, Garima and Simran from left to right respectively. Photo credit Keshav Thokar.


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Sashmita Prajapati is Miss Little Newa 2012

This year’s Miss Little Newa 2012 is Sashmita Prajapati. The first runner up of the event was Lumana Maharjan and second runner up was Anisha Khadgi.

The following photo shows the top three Miss Little Newas, photo taken after the event on August 23, 2012 in Kathmandu. (Photo Credit – Salim Ali)


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