Suvekshya Thapa talks sex and fantasies

In an interview, Suvekshya Thapa an actress and producer of the movie “Miss Nepal’ talks about her sexual preferences and experiences. In the interview Suvekshya talks about some imaginary incidents.

suvekshya thapa

If Suvekshya were given an opportunity to change to another creature she would like to become a fish as she loves swimming.

If she were to spend a night with a young and attractive guy in a room and if he tries to force her to sex what would Suvekshya do?

suvekshya thapa one piced

Suvekshya says, ‘Well, if it were night I wouldn’t get any help. I would try to save myself. If he does it forcefully, I would force him to marry me.”

If Suvekshya were the only creature left in the planet, she would request god to send a handsome guy and would start reproducing. I would probably give birth to at least 53 children.

Abut her fantasies Suvekshya told about the fantasies she used to dream about when she was 16-17 years old. At that time a prince would come in her dream. He would kiss her and they would have sex before he would disappear. She still remembers those days and she enjoyed those dreams.

Suvekshya is the mother of a daughter, Anusha Thapa in her late-teens. Suvekshya had wanted to feature Anusha in her movie ‘Miss Nepal’ but, Anusha refused the role.

A copy of the interview in Nepali:

suvekshya thapa interview - sex

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