Sushma Karki, holi celebration photos at Karishma Manandhar house

We have compiled some photos of actress Sushma Karki celebrating Holi 2014. The festival of color is one of the most entertaining festivals in Nepal.

sushma karki with Rajesh hamal holi 2014

Sushma Karki having fun with .

Sushma Karki is one of the most popular item girl in Nepali film industry. Her item dance on ‘Udreko Choli …’ in the superhit movie ‘Loot‘ established her as an item girl. After that she had acted in ‘Bindaas’ and ‘Bindaas 2’ in leading roles.

sushma karki with karishma mandhar

Sushma with the host, Karishma Manandhar.

sushma karki and jharana thapa

Sushma Karki with Jharana Thapa.

sushma karki holi dance 2014

Sushma Karki dancing and having fun.

karishma and sushma karki holi 2014

Karishma applies colors on Sushma Karki.

nirmal sharma applying colors on sushma karki

Nirmal Sharma ‘Gaida’ applies colors on Sushma Karki.

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