Sushma Karki – Hawa model of the month, September

Hot actress and model Sushma Karki likes to show off her inner parts. That might be the reason she has made a big tattoo on her left breast. On Monday, Sushma went to a program without wearing an innerwear.

susma-karki- no inner cloth

Dressed in black one-piece, the upper parts of Sushma were exposed a bit too much. The skin show was considered a bit too much by the participants of the event.

That was not the first time Sushma had shown off a little too much skin. She is known for teasing exposure and hot roles in movies. Sushma was out of limelight during her affair with her ex-boyfriend, Naren Shrestha. She believed Naren had ruined her career. After the breakup, she has gone back to the real self – a hot item girl.

sushma-karki shows off without

Some latest news about the model/actress:

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