Sushma Adhikari in Israel (photos)

Nepali actress and model Sushma Adhikari is currently in Israel for stage shows. Sushma had gone to Israel in mid-September to participate in Teej Program. During the tour, Sushma has shared some hot photos of hers in various places in Isarel.

sushma adhikari dead sea

The photo of Sushma in bikini, above, was taken in the Dead Sea when Sushma and her friends went to visit the lowest land in the entire world. 

In the following photos, Sushma looks hot and sexy in orange shorts and ash-colored top.

sushma adhikari boats

sushma adhikari hot shorts sea

sushma adhikari and sunita dulal

In the following photo Sushma takes a selfie while walking in the street:

sushma adhikari looks

In the stage show, Sushma had worn a typical Nepali dress to dance in:

sushma adhikari dances in isarel

And another back-stage selfie:

sushma adhikari 1

sushma adhikari sexy looks

More photos at the Dead Sea:

sushma adhikari rocks

sushma adhikari hot shorts

sushma adhikari in dead sea

Tongue tease selfie:

sushma adhikari tongue tease

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