Sushma Adhikari, holi photos at Karishma Manandhar home

Actress and model Sushma Adhikari also participated in the Holi celebration program held at Karishma Manandhar‘s home. Sushma celebrated the festival with other celebrities present there.

sushma adhikari going to Karishma's residance

Sushma Adhikari – a selfie taken on her way to Karishma’s residence.

sushma adhikari all covered up in color

All covered up in colors.

sushma adhikari with anjali shrestha

Sushma Adhikari with Anjali Shrestha.

sushma adhikari with anu shah

Sushma Adhikari with actress Anu Shah 

sushma adhikari with other actresses

sushma adhikari with rajesh hamal


sushma adhikari with sagun shahi sabin shrestha gajit bista

sushma adhikari with sunita dulal

Sushma with singer Sunita Dulal

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