Sunita Paneru, mom of Archana Paneru on her daughter’s path

The mother of a grade 10 student Archana Paneru, Sunita Paneru had taken the objectionable photos of her daughter and shared in internet. They were arrested for the crime but were released when they promised not to repeat the office. But, within a month of release from the police, they have started sharing such photos again in Facebook and Twitter.

What is more interesting is that the mother herself has started to pose for the photos. It seems, she is very interested to be popular by the way her daughter has become well known. Sunita has recently uploaded hot photos of herself in her night gown. She has shown the sign of following her daughter’s path. Video report:

In an audio released by her daughter, Sunita’s husband (Archana’s father) Bhoj Raj Paneru is not happy by the way his wife and daughter were exposing themselves. He can be heard talking foul language and accusing the mother and daughter to be whores and call girls. In response, both Archana and Sunita had asked for divorce. They say that they want to be free from the guy and do whatever they like doing.

sunita paneru in bikini yellow

In the latest photos shared by her in Facebook, she has posed in the undergarments her daughter had worn in previous photos.

Sunita Paneru3

Sunita Paneru2

sunita paenru skirt

sunita paneru in bra

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