Sunita Paneru – bikini poses of Archana Paneru mom

Saying the “new age is really about old age,” the hot mother of the model Archana Paneru has posed in her underwear, again. She had done that before and I had reported about her intention to follow her daughter who has been taking all of her her clothes to pose for photos.

sunita paneru 3

It is no surprise that the mother who had been the photographer of her daughter’s explicit photo has wanted to walk in that path.

The photos Sunita Paneru has shared are not of professional quality and as they seem to have been taken by a low resolution camera or a mobile phone rather than a proper photographer camera. For a mother of a 17-years old daughter and a teenaged son, Sunita has a good figure.

Because of the problem in the area they live in Mahendranagar, Sunita and her daughter Archana had to go to Kathmandu. Sunita had left Archana in Kathmandu and returned home alone. Archana was at home for a day to take these photos and she has already left for Kathmandu. Archana has told that she is preparing to work in three short film and she has also claimed to be featured in popular comedy serial ‘Harke Haldar’. I will write about that if that becomes a reality.

Please comment on the photo and on Sunita’s body and figure.

sunita paneru 2

sunita paneru 5

sunita paneru 6

sunita paneru 7

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sunita paneru 1

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