Sonie Rajbhandari got warm welcome at her previous school in Pokhara

Miss Nepal International 2014 Sonie Rajbhandari is currently in her hometown Pokhara. Sonie shared a warm welcome she received at her previous school, Gandaki Boarding School recently:

sonie rajbhandari at gandaki boarding school


I was invited to my old school, Gandaki Boarding School today. After a heartwarming welcome at the morning school assembly, I spent sometime speaking with the principal, vice principal and my previous teachers while all the students headed to their classes.

Right when I was heading out, it must have been recess time because a flood of adorable kids surrounded me asking me to sign their note copies. They had all sorts of colorful messages, Barbie stickers, pink hearts and drawings made for me. It was the sweetest thing that just melted my heart.

Sonie thanked the school for everything it had done to her life.

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