Smita Thapaliya – hot actress and model

Actress Smita Thapaliya debuted in hot movie ‘Romance’ (watch ‘Romance’ in xnepali) and has been an active model. She is also being featured in an upcoming movie ‘Mero Manche’ with another model, Sagun Shahi. Smita had recently done a hot photoshot for Annapurna Post. Here are some photos from the online edition of the newspaper.

Smita was also featured in movies like ‘The Last Kiss’ (watch ‘The Last Kiss’) and ‘Love is Life’.  All of her movies are made on adult theme and she is featured in hot roles in the movies. As an actress Smita debuted in television serial ‘Afanta’ and ‘The Last Kiss’ is her debut big screen movie.  (Smita Thapaliya profile in NepaliActress)

Photo credit – annapurna post.

Smita_Thapaliya hot photo

Smita_Thapaliya_hot photo

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