Smirti Shrestha and Sugam Shrestha won the ANA Fashion extravaganza 2013 titles

The fashion competition held during ANA convention in USA, ANA Fashion extravaganza 2013, crowned models Sugam Shrestha and Smirti Shrestha – Mr. Vogue ANA 2013 and Miss Vogue ANA 2013 respectively.

ANA 2013 smriti shrestha and Sugam Shrestha

The title winners of various titles of ANA Fashion extravaganza 2013 include:

  • Mr. Vogue 2013- Sugam Shrestha
  • Ms. Vogue 2013- Smriti Shrestha
  • Mr. Muskaan- Dipesh Bhandari
  • Ms. Muskaan- Kabita Manandhar
  • Mr. Fashionista- Biraj Shrestha
  • Ms. Fashionista- Jubi Gauchan
  • Mr. Popular- Dibesh Bhandari
  • Ms. Popular- Jubi Gauchan
  • Mr. Photogenic- Smriti Shrestha
  • Ms. Photogenic- Sabir Shrestha
  • Mr/Ms Sathi- Anikta Basnet
  • Mr/Ms Discipline- Dipesh Bhandari
  • Mr/Ms Best Couple- Rajiv Acharya/ Jubi Gauchan

In addition to the main titles, additional sponsored title winners include.

Awards from Kantipur Photography

  • Mr. Photogenic- Sabir Shrestha
  • Ms. Photogenic- Smriti Shrestha

Awards from Alfactory Studio

  • Male- Sugam Shrestha
  • Female- Jubi Gauchan

Awards from Planet films

  • Male- Biraj Shrestha
  • Female- Smriti Shrestha

Karishma Manandhar’s daughter Kabita Manandhar, who had also participated in the fashion contest, couldn’t win any titles.

16 finalists ANA fashion 1

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