Singer Sumi Chamling Rai and sex toy story

Friday weekly ‘Shukrabar’ published a news about singer Sumi Chamling Rai – that she has an experience with sex toy. It shows the sex-centric mentality of Nepali journalists. Sex toy is the new trend and it is really common.

Sumi Chamling Rai singer (3)

With sex shops in Kathmandu, such toys are readily available in Kathmandu. One can also buy them in foreign tours. So, using them is not meant to be a ground breaking story.

Well, according to ‘Shukrabar’ Sumi hasn’t have a real sexual experience. All she has is the experience of using the toy. When Sumi feels like it, she goes to the refuge of the toy.

Here are some more photos of the hot singer:

Sumi Chamling Rai singer (4)

Sumi Chamling Rai singer (5)

Sumi Chamling Rai singer (7)

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