Simpal Khanal marries a UK resident Nadeem

Nepali model and actress Simpal Khanal has married a UK resident businessman, Nadeem in the wedding held on January 17. The private event held in the luxury hotel in Kathmandu among their close friends and families. The only person from the entertainment industry was Simpal’s close friend Namrata Sapkota.

The following video features three section:

  • News about Simpal Khanal marriage
  • Who is Simpal Khanal ? A short introduction of Simpal’s acting, modeling and VJ career.
  • Will Simpal be active in modeling after marriage ?

Watch Simpal’s movies online:

majhi dai - nepali movie Adhyaya - Nepali movie

Watch the video report on the marriage:

Summary of Simpal Khanal’s biography

  • This is Simpal’s second marriage. Her first marriage with music video director, Prasanna Poudel, lasted less than two years.
  • Simpal debuted as an actress in ‘Majhi Dai’. Her second movie ‘Adhyaya’ was released 9-years after the release of the first movie.
  • Simpal was active in music video modeling, advertisement modeling and running television programs.
  • Simpal is planning to to go to the UK to live with her husband after the marriage.

Marriage photos:

Photo 1 – Nadeem and Simpal in the reception party on the evening of the marriage ceremony.

Photo 2  – Photo after the marriage ceremony. Nadeem wearing the traditional Dhaka dress.

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