Shristi Shrestha talks about life, food, travel and pressure

Ex-Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha is currently in Mumbai, participating in Lakme Fashion Week. In an interview with Amandeep Dokal for Shristhi reveals some of her personal preferences and views.

shristi shrestha traditional dress

About life Shristi says that she never imagined that her waitress job will open the door to a modeling career in an international arena. She met the photographer of her first modeling shot in the restaurant who asked her to take part in one of his bridal photoshot. For the last two years, she has been modeling full time.

About food she is very liberal. She had heard that models don’t eat much to remain slim and she didn’t like that aspect of the models. But, after being a model herself she has realized that one needs to eat well to remain fit and deal with the work pressure. For exercise she runes four times a week and takes swimming lessons. She doesn’t diet but eats healthy all the time. The food she likes most is momo.

shristi shrestha traditional dress

Apart from Nepal and UK, Shristi has travelled to Thailand, Spain, France and India in modeling missions. She has also done a lot of editorials for Asiana Wedding Magazine and had taken part in London Fashion Week. Shristi’s dream modeling job is to become a Victoria’s Secret angel.

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In fashion, Shristi likes vintage dresses, specially from the 1940s time. Floor length gowns are also her favorite. She likes the way they flow and they give her a great silhouette making her feel like a woman.

Talking about her favourite designer she names Vivienne Westwood as her favorite one.

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Modeling is an extremely stressful job and it requires a lot of preparation. Although the runway duration is a few minutes long, the preparation is huge. Shristi loves the backstage rush and the opportunity to meet a lot of girls. So, it is not just the pressure but there is a lot of excitement and fun. Keeping the body physically, emotionally and mentally fit is another huge challenge. She credits her family for all the support and encouragement in the field.

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