Shreeya Poudel – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant 18

The contestant no. 18 Shreeya Poudel is a resident of Kathmandu. 22 years old Shreeya is 5’5″ tall.

Video profile of Shreeya:

Miss Teen Nepal 2009, Shreeya was also the winner of a interschool dance competition. (Read about the Miss Teen 2009)

miss teen 2009

Shreeya says that Miss Nepal is a platform to judge the beauty in terms of the intelligence. A shy girl in her childhood, Shreeya, has made changes in herself accordingly to the time and circumstances.

Shreeya loves singing and dancing. In sports, she loves to swim.

In future, Shreeya wants to be a successful entrepreneur and a role model to the society.

shreeya poudel

shreeya poudel

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