Shiwani Shah is Little Princess Nepal 2013

In an event held in Rastriya Naachghar, Jamal on April 27 Shiwani Shah was selected Little Princess Nepal 2013. Out of 38 contestants Shiwani was selected based on the best answer she gave to the judge Prof. Rajyashree Shrestha’s question in the final round.

Little Princess Nepal 2013

In the contest, Sayuri Shrestha was declared the first runner-up and Branda Shrestha was the second runner-up.

Winners of other titles include:

  • Miss Friendship – Angelina Puri
  • Miss Discipline – Dawa Futi Sherpa
  • Miss Talent – Shristika Karki
  • Miss Cute – Krisha Thapa
  • Miss catwalk – Saniya Gautam
  • Miss personality – Sophia Shrestha
  • Best Dress – Urja Limbu
  • Beautiful Smile – Flora Thapa Magar
  • Photogenic – Pransu KC
  • Best Hair – Shriya Mharjan
  • Beautiful complexion – Apechya Thapa
  • Viewers choice – Sanyukta Malla

One thought on “Shiwani Shah is Little Princess Nepal 2013

  1. Her ambition is great. Hope her ambition comes true. Hope Nepal earth mother makes her ambition true.

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