Seven ex-Miss Nepal launched a phone

In an event held on Sunday, seven ex-Miss Nepal launched a phone brand. Gionee’s new ELIFE S7 phone was launched jointly by Ishani Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2013), Usha Khadgi (Miss Nepal 2000), Priti Sitaula (Miss Nepal 2003), Malvika Subba (Miss Nepal 2002), Shristi Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2012), Malina Joshi (Miss Nepal 2011), and Ruby Rana (Miss Nepal 1994). The phone model unveiled by the seven ex-Miss Nepal is named ELIFE S7.

seven ex miss nepal

The gowns are designed by Crossroad Apparel (by Suvexya Bhadel and Ashrita Bhadel). Gionee Mobiles is also the co-sponsor of Miss Nepal 2015.

Two Miss Nepals, Priti Sitaula and Usha Khadgi had participated in the event despite of their pregnancy and child birth. Priti Sitaula is 5-month pregnant and Usha Khadgi had recently given birth to a child.

seven ex miss nepal launch a phone

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