Sex in car or bed – should police interfere? Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri incident

In a report Miss Earth Nepal 2010, Sahana Bajracharya, was caught in indecent position in a car with her collogues Suraj Giri. They were told to be near-naked condition when the patrolling police found them in Suraj’s car at around 3:00 AM. More details of the report in our Movie Blog.

Being a free country, adult male and female should be able to do whatever they like in the solitude. Having sex in a park might be crime but, in a closed car shouldn’t be considered a crime.

Neither Sahana nor Suraj have cared to respond to the report of the incident.


In the report, the police had called the Kantipur TV news room coordinator Tirtha Koirala to confirm Sahana and Suraj were in fact journalist. But, Tirtha told them that there were no journalists by that name in the news section. Then the police confirmed they were Kantipur media person by calling the KTV chief, Bhusan Dahal.

Sahana is told to be a fan of Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. She is also linked with various persons in different times including a banker, a mountain climber – Dawa Steven Sherpa. 

Sahana-Bajracharya-with Atif-Aslam

It’s reported that Sahana had flown to Pakistan to participate in the marriage of Atif Aslam on her own cost. When the Pakistani singer was in Nepal she reportedly had gone to stay with him in a resort in Dhulikhel. The resort employee had found Sahana’s identity card in the room and had to call her to return it.

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